AVANTI II 5500 6 x 6

GMC 5500 w/Duramax Engine conversion to 6 x 6 with Posi Track in all wheels

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Zetros 6x6: Six tires for rough terrain | Made in Germany
Zetros 6 x 6 is a mega-truck: 360 horsepower, 16 tons load capacity and hip-high tires. It comes from Daimler and promises to be a very profitable niche product. It can be used in extremely difficult terrain. For example, in northern Lapland, its being used for the construction of power lines.A Zetros costs at least 110 thousand euros, but thats cheaper than transporting raw materials and equipment by helicopter, which is the only other realistic alternative. The Zetros 6x6 was designed in Daimlers development center and assembled in the worlds largest truck factory in Wörth. Its built as a basic platform, then adapted to fit the customers needs. Its also being sold as a military vehicle, for example. MADE IN GERMANY reporter Karl Harenbrock saw the Zetros in action in Finland and also visited the Daimler plant in Wörth. His visit included the R & D department, normally off limits to reporters, where he spoke with the engineers who work on the special vehicles. At the testing grounds, the monster trucks have to tackle inclines of up to 80 percent. Are such vehicles profitable for the manufacturer, or are they expensive prestige projects? MADE IN GERMANY went to find out.

Pick Up 6x6
6x6 truck, nissan 6x6

Florida Power and Light Tireboss 6x6 Sand Demo
We installed a Tireboss System for Florida Power and Light on their new 6x6 crane truck. We took it off road in some sugar sand and got it stuck in the 6x6 mode. We then lowered the tire pressure down to 25 psi using the Tireboss controller in the cab. With the increased footprint of the 25 psi tires it was able to run in the sand without getting stuck.

GMC 2.5 T
GMC 2.5 T in action. See the site www.unusuallocomotion.com