AVANTI II 5500 6 x 6

GMC 5500 w/Duramax Engine conversion to 6 x 6 with Posi Track in all wheels

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Pick Up 6x6
6x6 truck, nissan 6x6

Florida Power and Light Tireboss 6x6 Sand Demo
We installed a Tireboss System for Florida Power and Light on their new 6x6 crane truck. We took it off road in some sugar sand and got it stuck in the 6x6 mode. We then lowered the tire pressure down to 25 psi using the Tireboss controller in the cab. With the increased footprint of the 25 psi tires it was able to run in the sand without getting stuck.

Alvis Stalwart 6x6 Off-Road
Alvis Stalwart 6x6 high mobility vehicles off-road at a sand quarry in Staffordshire UK. Filmed mid 1990s.

Special Vehicle GMC 6x6 AVANTI FORZA. Solutions for special situations