Dodge demon lifts the front wheels

Plymouth duster at the ROCK lifts the front wheels.

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1973 Dodge Dart 5.2L V8 General Lee in UK
1973 Dodge Dart 5.2L V8 General Lee in UK

GT500 2 step
GT 500 with a nasty 2step launch

1968 426 Hemi Dodge Dart runs 9 7 @ 132mph at Milan Dragway Godfather Racing HD #8
1968 426 Hemi Dodge Dart runs 9 7 @ 132mph 10-17-2010 at Milan Dragway Godfather Racing. burnout Hemi Cross Ram in Action HEMI Dragster The Best HEMI Burnout Videos on youtube It's a Hemi! 426 Hemi super stock Dodge Dart

67 Dodge Dart advert
Introducing the 1967 Dodge Dart GT, a sleek compact convertible. Amazing how sporty and cool this looked back in the '60s. Sadly, by the '70s just about everything cool from the '60s was revamped and ruined. In 1973 my parents bought a new Dart, and it was the most boring conservative car imaginable. Thank you, Chrysler motors. Pamela Austin, the perky spokesperson, was the "Dodge Rebellion Gal" in over a dozen television ads from 1966 and 1967. The campaign had a faint "rebellion" theme to jazz up the company's stuffy image. Most of these end with Austin shouting "The Dodge rebellion wants you!" She also did commercials for the Charger, Polara, Coronet, Monaco, and even trucks and vans. And all in the same turtleneck sweater ensemble. Why she is riding a flat-car loaded with boxes of dynamite in this ad is never explained. But TV advertising is not known for making much sense. Perhaps the rebellion girl is on her way to blow up a Ford dealership or a government building in protest of the Vietnam war. The lovely Pam Austin had a number of acting roles. In "The Twilight Zone" she was the model of the perfect girl in the futuristic "Number 12 Looks Just Like You" (1964). She starred in "The Perils of Pauline" (1967), appeared on "Laugh-in", "The Wild Wild West" and was also in "Evil Roy Slade" (1971). Following the commercial I added two clips of her from "It Takes a Thief" (1968) and Kissin' Cousins (1964) opposite Elvis and that other '60s siren, Yvonne Craig. (Have also posted ads for the 1966 Mustang and Pontiac GTO.) Credit Classic TV Commercials