ALIPWR Capri runs 8s Modified Street

Modified Street racer Ali Sead racing his then Nitrous assisted Ford Capri.

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LS1 Holden Commodores
GM LS1 powered Holden Commodores - Heathcote Park Raceway 2005.

13B rotary Ford Probe twin turbo - Grant Williams
Twin turbo mechanically injected 13B rotary engine. Runs 7.66 at 176.9mph at Calder Park.

Trick & Manswetto Ford Capri at Calder Park
Trick and Mansweto Racing FordCapri - Naturally Aspirated big block V8 engine.

ALIPWR Ford Capri - Modified Street GAME OVER!
Ali Sead driving the NX Generation Capri to yet another Modified Street Unblown record of 7.68/180mph at Calder Park.