95 eagle talon tsi problems. rough idle, backfires, and dies DSM 4G63

Just replaced the timing and balance shaft belts. 200 miles later it acts like it jumped time. The Exhaust is smoking because i performed a wet compression test so its burning out the tranny fluid. The engine bay is smoking because it fired up while there was no valve cover on and it covered everything in oil. alternator will not charge. Put on a new alternator and it still will not charge. compression tests good and coil packs are okay. parking lamp wires are all melted up and shorted so i have the front bumper off to access the wiring. looks like i need a new ECU. IF ANYBODY HAS ANY IDEAS PLEASE LET ME KNOW THANK YOU

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Bad Cam Angle Sensor (cas) on 2G DSM
A quick video documenting the typical 3-5 second idle/stall associated with a bad Cam Angle Sensor. I started out with a short idle problem on my 1995 Talon TSI. The car would idle for about 3 seconds then stall. After struggling to find a cause I was lucky enough to notice the CAS code reoccurring on my OBDII Scan tool. This video is to help folks with this problem identify, and perform the replacement of of the Cam Angle Sensor. Hope you find this helpful and please feel free to like/comment/subscribe!!

97 Eclipse GSX Problem/HORRIBLE sound - FOUND THE PROBLEM-
UPDATE: I found the problem, my oil pump sprocket had broken into a couple pieces and was grinding against the oil pump. The engine may be toast, I don't know yet. This is my 97 eclipse GSX. I just finished a 6 bolt swap with a brand new block, forged pistons, eagle rods. I've been "babying" it every time I drive it and plan to for 500 miles. its up to 70 miles and this noise just started. It has plenty of fluids, running mobil 1 synthetic and even a can of engine restorer to stop some ticking i had earlier. First off, when I start it up the idle wants to be really low so I have to give it gas for a couple seconds for the idle to stabilize. Second and more importantly, there's this horrible noise that just started yesterday while driving 30 mph down the street. Any help is greatly appreciated.

2g Eclipse idle problems - RPMs
Here is a shot of my 95 eclipse. It won't stay on, i just swapped in a 16g turbo after the T25 blew (Shaft play, blades destroyed). I also put in a o2 housing, and intake pipe.

Eagle Talon TSi Vs Subaru wrx CRASH (Spectator Drags)
First Gen Eagle Talon TSi Crashes into the frontstretch wall of Seekonk Speedway in Seekonk, MA while racing against a Subaru WRX hatchback during the Spectator Drags. Thankfully, the driver walks away. Onboard with the talon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bih3-JHuy4 Song: Exigence by Aaron Spencer