1977 mercury cougar

my 1977 mercury cougar 400 CID second start after 5 years!!! running very good, needs lots of repairs!!! I was 13 when I made this video.

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1987 Mercury Cougar
1987 Anniversary Edition Mercury Cougar.

1977 Mercury Cougar Station Wagon
This is a slideshow of old pictures of my '77 Cougar station wagon. Most of these pictures are several years old. People have been asking me about the Mercury so I decided to make this slideshow to show them what's left of the car. THIS VIDEO HAS NO SOUND. I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator.

At the local cardealer I saw this Mercury cougar , 1977 , with a good interior , half leather ; This classic US car is not really rusted , so a good base for restoration.

1977 Mercury Cougar-In The Junkyard :'(
Very disappointing to see this car in the scrap yard. It appeared to be in pretty good shape.