Mazda RX3 13B turbo - wheelstand

DRAGRX Mazda - 9.37 at 149mph 13B rotary turbo engine

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Twisted Mazda RX3 13B turbo
Power Logic Racing Mazda RX3 sedan. Powered by a Maztech 13B rotary bridge port engine Boosted by a Garrett TA45 turbocharger. Heathcote Park Raceway, Australia - December 1st 2013.

SVANNA Mazda RX3 big burnouts
8.84 at 151mph at Calder Park. turbo rotary powered.

DSTRBU Mazda RX3, 13b pp

Mazda RX3 tags the wall - MRHELI
King of the 2-step, Frank 'Mr Heli' Canistra hasn't raced the RX3 in some 2 years. The 13B rotary turbo powered Mazda sedan ran strong all day going into the low 8s but got loose late in the night. Frank did a great job of steering out of what could have been a heavier hit and the good news is that he walked away unhurt. APSA Pro Street Shootout round 3, Sydney Dragway, Australia - May 18th 2013.