Two balls of light flying over a wheat field show some crop circles

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UFOs Making Crop Circles at Oliver's Castle near Devizes, England - Aug 11, 1996
On August 11th a snowflake formation appeared in the field at Oliver's Castle, near Devizes, England. The video claims to record the construction of this formation. In the film, four small white spheres (resembling the disks of light filmed several times within and about crop circles) maneuver around a field as the crop pattern forms beneath them. We wanted, perhaps more than most, to believe the video is exactly what it seems. The film is remarkable, very exciting to view, is inconclusive in it's analysis and is, of course, shrouded in controversy. Unfortunately it is also shrouded in distortions. Several reports have been aired over the internet and in crop circle publications which are simply incorrect. People who were present for the first showing remember details differently. Conclusions based on technical merit cannot be made unless the original is released for testing and unfortunately, there are too many con men trying to derail the phenomenon to take things at face value without a probing investigation. In addition, the video shown the day the formation arrived is claimed to differ significantly from the video which is now in circulation and undergoing attempts at analysis. Visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/neighbourhoodufowatch Source: http://www.youtube.com/user/stevemccorse?feature=watch

Airplane Abducted By UFO: Caught On Tape
An airplane is snatched out of the sky by a UFO.

Crop Circles - Balls of Light
Balls of light filmed around various crop circles.