Two balls of light flying over a wheat field show some crop circles

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Crop Circles - Balls of Light
Balls of light filmed around various crop circles.

ufo forming crop circle best video
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Amazingly super fast UFO captured In HD
While Taking a Video of The Royal Melbourne Show, I inadvertantly captured something zipping over the Show grounds.. Had I not been watching my "NLE" err~"Video Editor" rendering the High definition videos to a format that You-Tube accepts, I dont think I would have noticed it.. Anyway here is a video I put together slowing the clip down as much as I could..

"So you dont believe in Crop Circles" (Watch This)
A reality check crop circles are they real ? Shocking reality to crop circles how there formed and the difference between real and man made. Also Scientific data to explain why they are real... You have to see it for yourself...