94 mercury cougar V8 Flowmaster super 44

Flowmaster super 44

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F150 5.4L Flowmaster Super 44
5.4l Triton V8 with SI/SO 3" Flowmaster Super 44 dumped behind rear axle

Thunderbird and Cougar Clips
I edited together a bunch of video clips of Thunderbirds and Cougars. I'd like to thank the guys at TCCoA for their video donations. My user name on all my forums is ben_cline

05 Silverado 6.0L V8 true dual Super 44 Flowmasters inside
Here it is at every day driving, and merging onto the highway Stock manifolds Magnaflow Hi-Flow cats 3" duals H piped Flowmaster Super 44 mufflers 4"x12" Magnaflow SS tips mufflers part #943046, tips part #35116

80 series flowmaster custom exhaust on a 94 cougar 4/6
94 mercury cougar with custom catback 80 series flowmaster muffler turned otu to two 3.5 18" tips mean sound.