Blown , Supercharged Miniature Model V-8 Engine

1/3 Scale V-8 running on 114 octane gas , 12 volt , supercharged ,/hand made 12 hp @ 8000 RPM

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Scale Model Miniature Supercharged V8 Stinger 609 (Wedgehead, not Hemi)
Chrysler's Hemi and Wedgehead engines have have been a longtime favorite in motorsports. The Stinger 609 is based on the Wedgehead design. Here you can see a running scale model. It is truly a mechanical work of art. Enjoy!

1/4 scale Blown "Stinger 609" V8 engine built by Gary Conley

MotorConcept: Flat 12V - FERRARI 512TR
Réplique du moteur de la Ferrari 512 TR, entièrement réalisé de manière artisanale par M. Daniel Aquilon, en Suisse. Rendez-vous sur pour plus de détails.

Testors Visible V8 Hemi Running Model
This is my Built Testors Visible V8 Hemi. Has been modified to operate at a higher RPM. Utilizing a 7.2 RC motor and battery and a manual speed controller. Belt driven with the flywheel pulley. Go to my Channel for more awesome videos of my models.