Quick Attach Power Puller 3 Point Tractor PTO Log Tree Skidding Winch Implement

Demonstration video of the Quick Attach Power Puller 3 Point Tractor PTO Log Tree Skidding Winch Implement. For more information and technical specifiacations visit our website: http://www.quickattach.com/attachments/3pointskiddingwinch/

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How to Lift Heavy Stuff with your 3PH
I stumbled onto this idea one day when I had a bunch of very large rocks to move. I moved most of them with my FEL but I could barely get them off the ground. Some of them were too heavy to lift with the FEL. I remembered that the 3PH was much stronger than the FEL. I stared at the iMatch hooked up to my 3PH and tried to decide where to weld on some hooks. That is when I noticed that the iMatch already had 3 very strong hooks on it. I dropped my Bush Hog and backed up to the stone. I draped the center of chain over the lower hooks and sawed the ends of the chain under the sides of the rock. Then I draped the one end of the chain over the top hook and coupled the other end to it. Using this technique I can pick up rocks and logs that are much too heavy to pick up with the FEL. From the manuals: 420 loader max lift: 1195 lbs 4300 tractor 3PH: 2200 lbs Before upgraded the loader, see: Upgrading John Deere (FEL) Loader Cylinders Part 1 and Part 2, I did manage to barely managed to lift one of the logs with the OEM cylinders but there was too much weight on the front wheels and the front end kept sliding sideways down hill. With the upgraded cylinders I picked up one log with the loader and one with the 3PH . That put more weight on the back wheels and the tractor was steerable.

Small Scale Logging - Farmi Winch
back yard logging

The Walnut King
Joe Gunter, a.k.a. "The Walnut King," skids walnut logs out of a forested tract of land Feb. 17 near Arroll in southeast Texas County. Gunter, a Success resident, has been felling walnut trees and working with walnut timber for more than five decades. After about 10 years of using mule teams to do his skidding, he's been using the same 1954 Ford Golden Jubilee model tractor since 1969. "I figured out that it doesn't have to eat hay when you park it," Gunter said.

Small tractor log skidder.mpg
Cat 1, small tractor log skidding implement