FYI: Its not a pond, creek, stream or river. Its a random hole that fills up with water every spring and is dry by summer. Thanks. & Yes those are actually 49's

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Showing up to the Mud Bog LIKE A BOSS!
What did you today...Well...Towed the Mega Truck with the bigger Mega Truck to a Mud Bog and tore it up! WATCH MORE!!----- Watch How to enter the Mud LIKE a BOSS- Leave a comment, like and share! Thanks for watching, follow on other social networks. Watch Monsters eve Truck pulls at Cowboys Orlando- Facebook- Instagram- Vine- Pinterest- YouTube- #mudstamp #mudstampfilms Watch the Raptor and more take on the deep swamp mud here- Watch Head Rush and Mud Stick take on the nasty black mud- Watch Throttle King National Finale- Watch Mega Truck Class- Watch Deep Mud pit Challenge- Watch Iron horse Mud Ranch 2016- Slopoke Bounty Hole- Kleinschmidt Nationals- Must see Extended videos playlist- More Pit Boss Action Videos here! Dan Perkins Water Wheelies- Pit Boss Harvest Bog- Pit Boss DEEP MUD- Pit Boss Dirt Drags- SICK PIT BOSS WHEELIE- Pit Boss ROLLOVER- Watch Pit Boss compete in the Long Jump Comp, lots of other cool long distance travelers in this video- Watch Kleinschmidt Nationals 2015 (you can see more Pit Boss in this video)-

DVDs & APPAREL - Mega Trucks Go Powerline Mudding from time to time in New York. Watch some of these Monster Mud Trucks try to conquer the Powerline Mud Hole in this northern state. This mud is Deep and only one the 4x4s made the pass down and back and it wasn't a Truck! Sorry about the shaky footage the stabilization feature on the camera quit working before this event. If you like good old fashioned mud trucks bogging then this is the video for you! They should make this a bounty hole and put some money on it. I would want to be the guy that drew first. What about you? DVDs & APPAREL - Follow us on Facebook - INSTAGRAM

Gravelrama 2010 #6 Hill Climb
Gravelrama 40 was held August 25-30 this year in Cleves, Ohio outside of Cincinnati. The East Coast 4 Wheel Drive Association event includes rock crawling, bracket sand drag racing, class sand drag racing, uphill drag racing, pea gravel hill climb, obstacle course, and even a parade through town. The hill climb is a fan favorite and didn't disappoint this year with well over two hundred runs.

Small Tire Mud Bog at Zwolle St Judes Benefit Mud Bog in Zwolle La. This was pretty much run what you brought DOT Tire Class. IF YOU LIKE THIS VIDEO SUBSCRIBE!!! FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK!!! AND AT CHECK OUT OUR INSTGRAM!!!