FYI: Its not a pond, creek, stream or river. Its a random hole that fills up with water every spring and is dry by summer. Thanks. & Yes those are actually 49's

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Jane's Saddlebag excitment next door Boone h2o Rescue
Poor guy, he backed his 2007 Toyota Tundra quad cab into the creek to unload his boat and it knocked out of gear, into the creek, really far. Only the hood was showing. Do not do this with your new truck.

Blown mud truck
***This video was taken while the truck was still under construction***440 with 671 blower, Dynoed 680 horse@ 6600 RPM. We decided to test out my transmission , the first run I think I accidently bumped it to neutral, second run was clean all the way through 3rd gear. Good thing I dont plan to shift in the mud anyway, its just nice to know things are working properly! I need to upgrade to 70 shafts in the front before I lock it! Heres a couple links to the videos of this in the mud: and