CNR Suzuki Raider 180cc vs Yamaha Sniper 160cc drag racing

Suzuki Raider 180cc vs Yamaha Sniper 160cc the best music songs by "Hillsong UNITED-Es Tiempo (The Time Has Come)"

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This is what some car owners feel about motorcycle. It hurts but somewhat true to some :-/ video courtesy of Bekaar Vines

SCOOTERBOY vs TRUCK : Luckiest man alive!
its a lucky day for scooter motorcycle rider that was almost crushed by a truck train! Ride safe brothers...

HIGHWAY TO HELL moped superman race - Kawasaki Ninja vs LC135 vs 125 catalyzer Yamaha
This i believe is the superman's expressway :-) Awesome malaysian's motorcycle riders doing the crazy superman riding!

CNR Allstar Suzuki Raider180 and Yamaha Sniper150
CNR Tagum Davao Allstar mamaw Suzuki Raider 180cc 30mm carb and Yamaha Sniper 150 22mm carb. These suzuki raiders bike are superfast modifications are long ride tested! Congrats to the owners and mechanics