Challenger rt cutouts

2011 challenger r/t cutouts

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DMH cutouts on two Challenger R/T's
Just a few quick clips of what the cutouts sound like open with a Challenger R/T

challenger Rt with Headers 5.7 hemi
The orange one is my friends its only running pace header long tube headers with straight the grey gun metal one is mine i have mopar long tube straight with 44 flowmaster

QTP Cutouts on 2012 Dodge Challenger R/T
Just installed cutouts on my 2012 R/T.

QTP Low Profile Cutouts on Challenger RT
Review: The Good: • The sound is amazing depending on your engine.,.This is one a challenger RT. Its like a wild beast! • They work really well (been on for 2 months now) No issues opening/closing • Pretty good support network among challengers/chargers, videos, write ups on installs and perfect positions • They look good under there and tuck in nicely…only hang down slightly past the rest of the undercarriage. (you can position them to your liking) Other thoughts: • I debated on whether to do a cat back Exhaust and I was looking at Borla/Corsa but then I said to myself…do I really always want the sound. Sometimes I don’t want any sound at all…like on the highway for long drives. I eventually made my way to the “cutout” scene. • You know..for me there are 3 positions that make sense with these. Closed, a notch open, full open. Everything in-between really doesn’t make a difference • I was told its either the manual switch or remotes…not both…keep that in mind for the install because I thought I would have remotes and a switch inside. If I can redo I think I would have just wanted a hardwired switch (more work of course for that and $$$) • I had this professionally installed…didn’t want to mess with welding/cutting • At idle, fully closed, you can put your hand by cutout and feel some Exhaust leak through…also makes a little bit of a whisper noise. It’s not a deal breaker but it’s there • Be prepared for some serious vibrations when open, everything rattles/shakes! The Bottom Line: If you want to have the benefit of just opening up and being loud on demand, these are for you. Hope this helps a bit. See video for more.