Montero sport gtv 201kph

201kph @3800 rpm

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Ford Everest vs montero GTV
just cruising the highway then suddenly this montero GTV appeared at my back tailgating me. so i give way. but im kinda curious so i followed him at the same speed he was on. around 140kph at first. when its free i pushed my ford everest to its limit. eventually when im running 160kph or so the montero canot catch up my acceleration, but i feel its pushing its limit too. after a few second i slowed down, i prove my everest capabilities and thats it. the montero was 5-6cars behind. judging my rear view mirror. sorry for the crappy video. low end car dvr.

Trailblazer 2.8 4x4 A/T top speed
Velocidade máxima 184km limitada!!!E olha que ela so tem 369km rodados!!da pau em qualquer sw4!!!

montero sport 0-160 kmh
torque brake 0-160 kmh

Montero sport gtv
Security warning lamp, seat belt warning lamp and seat belt warning buzzer activated