Simple clutch alignment made very easy with homemade tool

A simple way to align your new clutch

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Clutch Alignment | Fast Rust Tech Tip 12
'Prepare for gearbox re-entry.' Clutch Alignment - it's going to take a lot of time and effort before you figure out you got it wrong. So get it right first time with some simple tools. Engine : 2.0 Ford SOHC (Pinto) Gearbox : Ford Type 3 4-speed

How to align a clutch without tools the easy way(mondeo mk3 tdci)
This was done on a mondeo m3 tdci

This video is about the method I use to center align the clutch disk in cars when I do clutch changes, When changing a clutch kit in a car, you need to center align the clutch disk before sandwiching it between the flywheel and the pressure plate, before tightening the bolts of the pressure plate. This needs to be done carefully and correctly so that the input shaft of the gearbox can line up with the splines in the clutch disk and fit to the engine block again without brute.

A little clutch tip
No special tool required...This should be done before you tighten the pressure plate to the flywheel.