TH Turbos | How to install a turbo?

Why did the turbo fail? How to diagnose faults? And how to install the new turbo? turbo's Hoet answers al these questions and more in this instruction video.

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How to install a turbocharger.
This video provides key guidelines and outlines critical steps to follow when replacing a Garrett turbocharger.

How To Replace A Turbocharger
Kamak's New Years Resolution is to share knowledge of turbo install and inspection. We hope this knowledge will keep you and your beloved vehicle far away from repair shops!

Finally installed the turbo with next to no errors besides the bolts being too long. After finding new hardware she went on smooth like butter in a pan! I can't wait for you homies to see her Boost for the first time. Patience is key to a successful build. Like and subscribe and have a nice day homies!

Much wind from a small turbocharger
Here You can get an idea of how much air is blown through a charger of an old truck.