Rx-7 20B Throwing Flames

Just a short video of a rx-7 FD3S 3-rotor throwing some flames on decel. Awesome car.

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10 Second rx7 drag race flame thrower, FIREBALL!
10 second mazda rx7 shoots some big flames after a back fire going down the track. November 5-6, 2011 at Maryland International Raceway in Budd's Creek, MD. 16th Annual U.S. Army World Cup Finals: Import vs. Domestic.

BMW 2002 rat rod idle and rev clip with some flames
Heres the BMW 2002 rat rod idling and reving on it own fuel source... an anheuser busch keg :) Modified a bit of course! Its running in open loop with alot of fuel and very little timing on decel. Were hoping for some good flames on the downrev, dont drive next to me if you like your paint BWAHAHAHA!!!

FD RX7 mazda 20b 3rotor big turbo 670whp 18psi on pump gas dyno
FD rx-7 Dyno running a 3 rotor engine with a pretty big turbo. 13psi pump gas Put down over 500wheel horse power on philly Dyno works Dynojet. JPR rotary decal on windshield

3rd & 4th gear pull in 650hp 20b RX7
80-230kmh FC RX7 bidgeport 20b 15psi 650hp