VW Polo Morimoto Mini H1 bixenon projektori

OEM farovi VW Polo, sa ugradjenim Morimoto Mini H1 bixenon projektorima druge generacije. Informacije: 060/3778382

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Fiat Stilo Morimoto Mini H1 bixenon projektori
OEM farovi Fiat Stilo, sa ugradjenim Morimoto Mini H1 bixenon projektorima. Informacije: 060/3778382

PoLo 9N3 Bi-Xenon
Marimoto Bi-Xenon 6000k ( this is H7, After this Inserted H1 and much better) + daylight + old H1 by TiNi

V499 Volkswagen POLO MXS Motosport Sharkeye Projector Headlights DRL Day time running light
Package Include: Shark EYE Bi-Xenon Projectors Powerful HID Kit Day Time Running Lights with Turn Signal Indicator Function Replacement of stock company fitted headlights Regards

TRS Tips: Morimoto Mini H1 6.0 Bi-xenon Retrofit Guide
It's no wonder the Morimoto Mini H1 Bi-xenon from TRS is one of the most frequently retrofitted projectors in the world. With the 6.0's performance that can compete with the best of OEM's combined with ultra ease of installation, our Mini's outsell other projector options 2:1 Projectors: https://www.theretrofitsource.com/product_info.php?products_id=3181 Complete Retrofit System: https://www.theretrofitsource.com/product_info.php?products_id=227 Step 1: Insert threaded shaft through the front of the reflector bowl (big silicone washer installed) (Mini Gatling Gun users take note of step 6 in advance) Step 2: Install H4 or H7 adapter plate, with the notched side at 12:00 to ensure projector's rotation is level. (Skip this step for non H4, H7 applications, manual rotation adjustment is required) Step 3: Use a 27mm wrench or socket to tighten the hex lock ring. Do not over-tighten, or completely tighten until you are sure this will be the last time the projector will be mounted (the threads will deform and lock on once fully tightened) Step 4: Install the 3 prong bulb holder using a magnetic screw driver (for ease of install) - and ensure that all 3 feet are evenly and completely seated down into their channels. If the 3 feet do not go down into their channels, more space will have to be created forward of the lock ring. (flip adapter plate around, grind housing down more, or remove silicone washers) Step 5: Test fire the bi-xenon solenoid mechanism 30-40 times to be sure that the hinges are still sliding as they should be. Since this mechanism is made of fairly thin metal, it is important not to disturb it during the installation to avoid future sticking issues. Step 6: Install shroud using JB weld and centric rings. (If using Mini Gatling shroud, that must be done before the projector is mounted to the headlight bucket!) Please see our other videos on opening and re-sealing headlights, mounting shrouds, adding halos, aiming, and wiring for more details on those steps.