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VW Polo Morimoto Mini H1 bixenon projektori

OEM farovi VW Polo, sa ugradjenim Morimoto Mini H1 bixenon projektorima druge generacije. Informacije: 060/3778382


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Alfa Romeo 147 Bi Xenon projector Mini H1 retrofit installation process
http://www.retrofitlab.com/projector-kits-1/bi-xenon-mini-h1-twin-kit.html Installation tutorial for our popular Mini H1 Bi-xenon projector twin kit done on the Alfa Romeo 147 headlight. We show how to bake and open the headlight and mount the xenon projectors. At the end of the video we compare the halogen light output to plug & play xenon and Bi-xenon retrofit projectors Mini H1. Italian: Guida di installazione per il nostro popolare Mini H1 bi-xeno kit proiettore gemello fatto sulla Alfa Romeo 147 faro. Mostriamo come cuocere e aprire il faro e montare il proiettori allo xeno. Alla fine del video si confronta l'emissione di luce alogena per plug & play xeno e bi-xeno retrofit proiettori H1 Mini. 0:01 Bake the headlight. We use a big carton box with a heatgun. We put the headlight on small boxes so the hot air will be blown under the headlight, not only on one side. 0:09 In this case we use a 500W heatgun for 15 minutes. 0:14 Start to pry the headlight. In this case it is perma-sealed, so the seal doesn't really get soft, you will need to cut the sealing with the screw driver. 0:37 After working a couple of minutes the headlight housing cools down, heat it up again for a few minutes. 0:40 Work with patience and not too much force. This headlight took us 20 to 30 minutes to open properly. 1:04 Cut the remaining permaseal off the headlight lens using a sharp knife. 1:10 Scrape the remainign permaseal out of the headlight channel using a flathead screw driver. 1:18 Remove the bulb glare cap. 1:34 To mount the Bi-xenon projector, break the glare cap holder away. 2:05 Remove the bulb clip holder from the projector. 2:10 Mount the Mini Gatling Gun shroud with the 4 supplied screws. 2:19 Remove the black plug from the solenoid wires. 2:21 Insert the wires through the glare cap opening. 2:24 Place the rubber ring on the Mini H1 projector shaft. In this case the thin ring is used to give more thread length for the nut. 2:28 Place the projector in the reflector. 2:32 Place the H7 adapter ring. 2:42 Place the nut to secure the projector. 2:53 Secure the nut using needle nose pliers. 3:00 Place back the solenoid plug on the wires. 3:17 In this case we needed to bend the bulb clip holder a bit to fit properly 3:34 Mount the bulb clip holder with the 3 screws 3:42 Put the Butyl in the headlight channel for a proper seal 4:00 Press it down with your fingers 4:10 Clean fingerprints and dust off 4:28 In this case, customer wanted the headlight insert black 4:30 Press the lens on the housing. 4:33 Heat the headlight again for the sealant to become soft. 4:38 Press the lens back on the housing. 4:46 Gently squeeze the lens on the housing, make sure all the lens clips click back on. 5:05 Insert the H1 HID bulb in the projector. 5:12 Place the clip to secure the bulb. 5:28 Place the H7 high beam splitter to connect the solenoid for high beam functionallity. 5:40 Headlight retrofitted! 5:43 Original H7 halogen beam 5:53 H7 reflector plug & play 5000K 6:04 Mini H1 Bi-xenon projector retrofit

Lupe BiXenon BMW E46 Morimoto MINI H1 Montaj Instalare - www.AccesoriiAutoShop.COM
Produsul poate fi comandat de pe www.AccesoriiAutoShop.COM si www.tobe-sport.ro Kit Retrofit BMW E46 BiXENON Kit Retrofit Morimoto MINI Kit Lupe Faruri BMW E46 Seria 3 Lupe Bixenon BMW E46 Morimoto MINI h1 Headlight E46 Install Bixenon morimoto H1 Bmw E46 Install

Audi A4 B7 Mini H1 Bi xenon projector headlight retrofit full tutorial
http://www.retrofitlab.com/projector-kits/bi-xenon-mini-h1-twin-kit-1.html The Audi A4 B7 is a very classic car with a luxurious appearance. Your car didn't came out of the Audi factory with OEM xenon headlights? No need to worry. With our Bi-xenon mini H1 twin kit it's now possible to transform your headlights to true Bi-xenon projectors! Check out our full instruction video on how to retrofit your headlight with these awesome projectors and compete with OEM setups for a fraction of their cost! 0:01 Remove the caps from the rear 0:05 Bake the headlight to soften the sealing 0:11 We put the headlight in a carton box and heat it 0:15 1600 Watt heatgun for 16 minutes 0:23 Remove the lens clips and rubber 0:44 Seperate the lens from the housing using a flat screw driver 1:14 Remove the H7 halogen bulb cap 1:20 break off the cap channel with a plier 1:28 Place the small rubber washer over the projector shaft 1:33 Insert the Bi-xenon solenoid wires through the cap shaft and insert the projector through the fitting 1:43 Place the H7 adapter ring and secure the projector nut 1:59 Don't tighten it fully yet, you might want to do some final rotational adjustment when the headlights are mounted on the car 2:04 Mount the bulb holder 2:20 Click the shroud centric ring inside the shroud (this shroud has been modified for fitment) 2:23 Apply a few drops of glue to be sure the shroud will stay on 2:50 Remove all finger prints using a fine cloth 3:00 If you want, apply some butyl to make sure the headlight will be free of moisture 3:20 Press the lens on the housing and bake it again 3:48 Now that the sealant is soft, press the lens on the housing using pliers and secure the lens by placing the metal clips 4:17 Place the solenoid plug back on the wires 4:25 Connect the H7 high beam splitter for the solenoid to function together with the H7 halogen high beam 4:49 Drill a 20-22mm hole in the bulb cap to guide the wires through 5:16 The wires will be connected to the ballast and H7 low beam plug. Because the Audi A4 B7 has Canbus, this is the only wiring setup that can be used 5:22 Insert the bulb in the projector and secure it with the clip 5:48 Connect the 12V ballast wires correctly, red to the yellow cable (+ positive) and black to brown (- negative) 6:07 Click the cap back on, you are ready to do mount the headlight to the car and enjoy a luxurious Bi-xenon projector headlight! :-) info@retrofitlab.com +31 (0)341-820220 Retrofitlab.com Tolweg 2W 3851SK Ermelo Netherlands http://www.retrofitlab.com/projector-...

TRS Tips: Retrofitting the Morimoto Mini H1 6.0 into 9006, 9007, H11, H13 Headlights
Without the ability to use an adapter plate for the Morimoto Mini's - a bit of extra work will have to be done to allow the projector to fit and lock onto the reflector bucket. Additional work will also be needed to align the rotation of the projector. 1) Most reflector buckets have a deep bulb holder area that's too much for the threaded shaft on the projector to fit through, while still allowing the lock ring to fully tighten. By cutting or sanding down the "butt" of the reflector, you will free up a lot of space so that the threaded shaft of the projector can easily fit all the way through the reflector's pre-existing hole and all the hardware can be re-installed. 2) Because the adapter plate also does the alignment in an H7 or H4 application, you will need to manually align the projector. We recommend re-installing the headlights onto your car with the projectors installed (but the lock-rings only semi-tightened, and with the front lens covers not yet reinstalled) and turning on the headlights so that you can see the beam pattern aimed on a wall in front of the car. If the beam is anything but level, you can simply grab the projector from the front, rotate it, and then tighten the lock-rings all the way from there.

2013 toyota corolla projector headlight night test morimoto mini h1 6.0 5000k
A short test of recent retrofit. This one is with Xb35 bulbs. Bulb seating needs to be fixed. Audio not my property. Arcade fire: Dimensions & Morning talk.

Hella 90mm vs Morimoto mini H1
Обзор двух комплектов фар на Хонду HR-V

Morimoto Mini H1 5000K
Morimoto Mini H1 on VVME 5000k bulbs and 35w ballasts

TRS Tech: BMW E46 Bi-xenon Projector Headlight Retrofit with Morimoto Mini 6.0
We demonstrate the use of our Bi-xenon Mini H1 Stage III kit on a BMW E46. Very little modification is needed to perform the install. Only a little bit of trimming to the interior of the bulb holder and a small hole needed to be drilled in the stock reflector. Performance and looks are vastly improved compared to stock with this setup installed. We used our Morimoto Mini H1 6.0 Bi-xenon projectors, E46-R shrouds, 9006 Standalone Canbus harnesses, high beam splitters, the Morimoto 3Five AMP ballasts, and Morimoto 3Five H1 bulbs.

Volkswagen Transporter T5 Bi-xenon projector retrofit headlight tutorial
http://www.retrofitlab.com/xenon-projectors Tutorial for Volkswagen Transporter T5 (1st generation) Bi-xenon projector retrofit. We used a DEPO headlight for this retrofit (better price than Projektzwo headlights). They are cheap, easy to retrofit (not permasealed as the original T5 headlight, so they open easy with heat), and they are reasonable quality. 0:01 remove the lens clips 0:15 put the headlight in preheated oven (200 degrees C, turn the oven off when you put the headlight in it, because most ovens have one heat emitting side which can locally melt the headlight unit) 0:31 Bake your headlight! :-) 3 minutes for the first time 0:40 After 3 minutes, rotate the headlight, to make sure that it's equally heated 0:52 Again 3 minutes in the oven. 1:20 Use a flat head screw driver to pry the headlight open. 1:35 Don't use to much force, work patiently 2:08 Gently remove the lens completely from the housing 2:30 Make sure the sealant doesn't stick to chrome parts which are visible to the eye when installed on the car, this looks ugly :-) 3:25 First insert the wires through the H7 bulb hole 3:58 Then insert the shaft of the Bi-xenon projector 4:20 Place the H7 adapter ring 4:28 Spring washer 4:31 Locking nut, tighten it! Now the projector is ready :-) 5:05 Put the lens back on the headlight 5:56 Make sure it fits correct 6:20 Mount the clips back again 6:40 Bake it again to soften the sealant again, to make sure it will be closed correctly 7:03 This time only 3 minutes in total 7:12 Check the lens that it fits tight, apply some pressure with pliers. 7:39 Ready! After this, connect the wires. You can use wire taps to connect the wires of the Bi-xenon solenoid to the High beam wire, and optionally the angel eyes. This is the pinout: 1= Height adjustment motor 2= (empty pin) 3= Height adjustment motor 4= Ground dim/high beam 5= Height adjustment motor 6= Turn signal + 7= Low beam + 8= Ground turn signal / position light 9= High beam + 10= Position light + Any questions or need Bi-xenon projectors? http://www.retrofitlab.com Tolweg 2W 3851SK Ermelo Netherlands

Morimoto Mini H1 on 09 Corolla with Philips 4300K Bulbs from TheRetrofitSource.com
Morimoto Mini H1 BiXenon HID Projectors on 2009 Toyota Corolla with Morimoto 3Five 35 Watt Ballasts and Philips 4300K H1 HID bulbs. Produces a very wide and white beam. Has a very sharp and colorful cutoff with blue purple violet color flickering. Retrofitted into stock housing bulb hole with no cutting or drilling. Thanks to Matt and Nate at TheRetrofitSource.com. Keep the good products comin guys. Visit TheRetrofitSource.com for all your lighting needs.

Morimoto Mini H1 HID Projectors with 5000K Morimoto Bulbs
STABILIZED VIDEO HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_z-j2b-FH6A These are plug and play, easy to install projectors which make no excuse for people to install PnP HID bulbs into their halogen housings and blind everyone on the road with their stupid smurf blue lights. These projectors are superb in lighting, width and cutoff color. So far they are the best plug and play projector on the market. They do require some modification to get them perfect, but I am very happy with the results.

TRS Tech: Comparing the FX-R 3.0 (2.5 and 3" lens) to the Morimoto Mini H1 Bi-xenon Projector
Andrew touches on a few of the highlights between the Morimoto Mini H1 Bi-xenon and the 2.5/3" FX-R 3.0 bi-xenons FX-R 3.0 Bi-xenons: - Best overall light output - A bit more difficult to install Morimoto Mini H1 Bi-xenons - Excellent Light output - Easiest to install

Morimoto Mini Bi-xenon HID projector-Mazda 6 Test Drive
test drive with Morimoto mini bixenon HID projectors from The Retrofit Source

TRS Tips: Morimoto Mini H1 6.0 Bi-xenon Retrofit Guide
It's no wonder the Morimoto Mini H1 Bi-xenon from TRS is one of the most frequently retrofitted projectors in the world. With the 6.0's performance that can compete with the best of OEM's combined with ultra ease of installation, our Mini's outsell other projector options 2:1 Projectors: https://www.theretrofitsource.com/product_info.php?products_id=3181 Complete Retrofit System: https://www.theretrofitsource.com/product_info.php?products_id=227 Step 1: Insert threaded shaft through the front of the reflector bowl (big silicone washer installed) (Mini Gatling Gun users take note of step 6 in advance) Step 2: Install H4 or H7 adapter plate, with the notched side at 12:00 to ensure projector's rotation is level. (Skip this step for non H4, H7 applications, manual rotation adjustment is required) Step 3: Use a 27mm wrench or socket to tighten the hex lock ring. Do not over-tighten, or completely tighten until you are sure this will be the last time the projector will be mounted (the threads will deform and lock on once fully tightened) Step 4: Install the 3 prong bulb holder using a magnetic screw driver (for ease of install) - and ensure that all 3 feet are evenly and completely seated down into their channels. If the 3 feet do not go down into their channels, more space will have to be created forward of the lock ring. (flip adapter plate around, grind housing down more, or remove silicone washers) Step 5: Test fire the bi-xenon solenoid mechanism 30-40 times to be sure that the hinges are still sliding as they should be. Since this mechanism is made of fairly thin metal, it is important not to disturb it during the installation to avoid future sticking issues. Step 6: Install shroud using JB weld and centric rings. (If using Mini Gatling shroud, that must be done before the projector is mounted to the headlight bucket!) Please see our other videos on opening and re-sealing headlights, mounting shrouds, adding halos, aiming, and wiring for more details on those steps.

Morimoto D2S 6000K Bi-Xenon Retrofit Driving Footage
Quick Drive to test the cutoff and Effects if any on other drivers

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