Perfect Launch Reaction Time .000 Drag Racing 1966 Pontiac GTO Dang Glove Box Door!! Be even better if it was 3D !

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1966 GTO drag racing 2011 Pontiac Nationals in Norwalk, OH Mike Green from When he is not filming How To Videos you might find Mike Green behind the wheel of his '66 GTO drag car. He does most of the work on the car himself with the help of friends and family. These passes were filmed at the 2011 Pontiac Nationals at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk Ohio. The air was hot and humid when this was filmed so times were off. As of August 2011 best pass is 10.531 @ 126.03 mph.

How To: Drag Racing 101 the Basics, Staging The Christmas Tree and the Starting Line If you have the need for speed or want to test your car in the quarter mile then you may want to visit a local drag strip and try your hand at drag racing. This informative video shows you some of the basics so that when you get to the race track you will feel less intimidated and more comfortable.

Top 10 Tune Up Facts - 1A Auto Talk & Tune Episode 6
In episode 6 of the 1A Auto Talk & Tune show, Jeremy and Dan give 10 Tune Up Facts, give some advice on engine coolant for a GTO, discuss ignition misfires on Cavalier, and help diagnose a squeaky window regulator in an Impala. Ask us a car question! 1A Auto on Facebook 1A Auto on Twitter

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