1968 karmann ghia

This is my 1776cc VW karmann ghia! And, I know the idles really high It had just warmed up!

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My 1971 Ghia - 2110cc with A/C - Dual EMPI 44mm HPMX Carbs
My 71 Karmann Ghia with a 2110 motor - dual EMPI HPMX 44mm carbs - and lots of other 'stuff' inside that motor.

Karmann Ghia 1968
Fully restored 1600 engine Dual-carburetor Custom camshaft Adjustable suspension

1914 aircooled VW engine built by Dave Gilchrist of Vintage German Motors in Orem, UT. The engine is installed in a 1963 Karmann Ghia Convertible undergoing restoration by Slipshod Resto's.

Karmann Ghia Project
My Ghia project. Nothing like a slammed Karmann Ghia.