How to facelift a BMW E46

CHECK OUT MY NEW VIDEOS: BMW E46 M-Seat Restoration: BMW Rim Job BMW E30 convertible: BMW 520i review: Facelifting BMW 7 series: 2005 BMW 318ci REVIEW: BMW E90 320d review: BMW M5 E60 sedan: BIKINI CAR WASH: This video shows, how to renovate your pre-facelift BMW 3-series e46 to a facelifted version. Sedan, Touring: Pre facelift models: 1998-2001 Facelift models: 2001-2004 Please like, share and comment on this video!

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How to install M-Paket on E46 coupe
Check out my newest video: The E46 outer M paket consist of: - Front M bumper - Rear M bumper with diffusor - M door sils - M spoiler

How to replace BMW E46 Front seat & Door panel
In this video we will demonstrate how to remove and install BMW 3 series E46 manual seats and door panels. This tutorial is good for a touring and sedan versions, but also for coupe and convertible. Watch my new video: M-sport seat restoration, installation ► The front left driver's seat, door panel was worn and I was able to get a newer set of leather interior for just only $100 from a BMW spare parts guy.

BMW SMD LED Angel Eyes Kit - Hungary
The car: Demonstration of LED Angel Eyes w/ Remote installed on a 2001 320d w/ Performance package (ZHP). I bought the car in 2004 as used with 85.000km. I facelifted its front 1 year ago (new hood, fenders, kidneys, headlights. + M specific front bumper, M sideskirts)

BMW E46 Coupe M-sport seat Restoration & Installation
In this DIY video I give these BMW E46 coupe M-paket, M-sport half leather - half upholstery front seats a thorough cleaning, detailing, scrubbing, brushing, vacuuming. After it I remove the OEM standard leather seats and install the new ones to my E46 facelift coupe. E46 coupe REVIEW: MY OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE: for business inquiries: