Into the Woods.wmv

From the Oregon Zoo (on Highway 26), through Portland, past Estacada, and into the woods on road 4610 (the Abbott Road). I wanted to get to Tumala Lake/Meadows (formerly Squaw Lake/Meadows). I was stopped about 5 miles short due to snow at about 3000 feet.

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Squaw Lake Camping Trip
Camping trip of Boy Scout Troop 160 at Squaw Lake on April 30 - May 1, 2010 in southern Oregon, USA

Abbott Rd to High Rock Snow run - wash out
A group of us in Portland met up for a Thursday night snow run. We all got back later than expected, but had a great time. This is Mike in Jeep going through a washout section of the road.

More Odd Whooping Sounds
More whooping (culvert ?) sounds @ 0:44 and 1:03 (you really have a crank the volume). This was one week later and about 80 miles west of last week's recording. This time I had my daughter with me and she heard it very clearly, so I know I wasn't going nuts (LoL). This was recorded above the Salmonberry River, near the north fork branch. I didn't have my good microphone with me, so I just caught it with my video camera's mic. The odd part was that we could hear three distinct areas the sounds were coming from, one very close on a knoll next to us, one up a hill above the road and another about 1/4 mile away, down the road. There was a big culvert about 1/4 mile away that may have been the source, but when we got close to it all we could hear was water rushing through it. I don't know if it was an echo, or if it's some acoustic effect of the wind bouncing off hillsides?? Or bull frogs?? I love the weird wonderful things one can discover in the woods.

Yuma Arizona, Mittry Lake 4-20-2012
WOW!!... They mute the sound from my video.....Lame.........April 20th - April 22, 2012. Yuma Arizona Ca, Mittry Lake. Fishing and camping..Super hot but awesome like hell :)