Into the Woods.wmv

From the Oregon Zoo (on Highway 26), through Portland, past Estacada, and into the woods on road 4610 (the Abbott Road). I wanted to get to Tumala Lake/Meadows (formerly Squaw Lake/Meadows). I was stopped about 5 miles short due to snow at about 3000 feet.

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Time Lapse Test 2 - Android (HTC MyTouch)
15 Hours in 150 Seconds (View from my window) Statistics: Lapse: 1 frame per 15 seconds Video: 3600 frames, 24 FPS video Production: Device: HTC MyTouch's 3.2 MP module App platform: Android 1.6 (custom app) Post processing: GIMP, ffmpeg

Off-roading Estacada, OR 2/16/14
Off-roading Estacada, OR 2/16/14

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Oregon Trail Off-Road Teaser
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