Viper Racing ( from 1998 ) gameplay

Developer: Monster Games Publisher: Sierra Entertainment Platform: PC Release date: 1998 Genre: Semi-Simulation Racing Modes: single player, 2-player multi-player

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Viper Racing for PC Review and Crashes
PLEASE READ: I'm no longer uploading on this channel and have a solo channel which you can find here: If you enjoy this video please check out my new channel instead, many thanks. Today we take a look at viper racing for the pc. Review Rating: 9/10 - Awesome . UPDATE 2016: We no longer post video's to this channel, if you want to see our new content, please see links below: Subscribe to our new joint channel: We also make videos individually here: Joe's Channel: Nathan's Channel:

Viper Racing (PC, 1998) - Funny race
You can find me at: Facebook: CarThrottle: NFSCars: GTRCars: Twitter (inactive): Back to my early childhood when I played this game to death - Viper Racing, developed by MGI and released by Sierra in 1998. I used to hit the opponents with horn balls all the time and in this video I do the same exact thing and I explain some stuff about the game as well. Enjoy!

Viper Racing Crash Comp
lol oh this brings back memories :)

Viper Racing by Monster Games - Silicon Classics #6
An in-depth retro review of Viper Racing by Monster Games, one of the most realistic driving simulators of the 90s. Includes a brief history of the sim racing genre, footage of the Microsoft Sidewinder force feedback wheel, and info about the dedicated online community that still supports Viper Racing in 2016.