1740 hp Dodge Dart GT vs Camaro Dragster

1740 hp Dodge Dart GT vs Camaro Dragster at DHB in Vandel, Denmark

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1971 Porsche 911T Drive
A quick drive in the 911

750 HP Twin Turbo RWD Lamborghini Gallardo
The car is owned and customized by Nicolas Kiesa from Denmark. It has been converted to RWD and fitted two turbos (in a twin setup) - A lot more has probably been done too. This video was recorded at DHB (Danmarks Hurtigste Bil or "The Quickest Car In Denmark") in Vandel, Denmark.

Harlem Shake på HH
Harlem shake på handelsskolen i Horsens - innovationslinjen ftw

A video (short film) made by Mathias R (the guy running around), Jeppe (The sniper/terrorist) and I (camera-man, producer and editor) This was pretty much written, shot and edited in one day - We know the effects could have been done better, the time just wasn't there. This is a lower quality version of the original - the original wasn't that much better though.