GMC Sierra 4x4 On Ice Get Out The Way

Having fun in the driveway with the 4x4 GMC Sierra after Georgia snow storm.

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Duramax stuck
Buddy drives into ditch and has to get his truck and trailer pulled out. Watch my other vid of the trailer getting pulled out too!

Atlanta Snow Storm 2011 January 10, 2011 "Idiot Alert" 4x4 Toyota versas a Ford F150
YES I KNOW ITS 2011 AND NOT 2012//LOL.Just showing an idiot trying to get up a hill. He tried for almost an hour and he totally burned his back tires up.. He had the metal tread showing through one of his tires be the time he gave up. We tried to stop him from trying but he would not. TRUCK LOVERS WILL LOVE THIS VIDEO.

4WD, AWD, SUVs, trucks sliding on ice compilation: no vehicle is immune to icy roads!
(No one was hurt in any of the incidents shown). I'm Dan Robinson, a storm chaser and cameraman. I've been traveling around the USA documenting and researching icy roads since 2004, and I have witnessed - and captured on camera - many incidents involving SUVs, trucks, semis, all-wheel drive vehicles, 4WD vehicles, vehicles with traction control and winter tires. No driver or vehicle can safely go highway speeds on icy roads! If you don't believe me, watch this video and decide for yourself! My hope is that you will learn from the mistakes of these drivers and SLOW DOWN to a safe speed the next time you drive on an icy road (or better yet, wait for the threat to pass). I recommend speeds LESS than 45mph on highways when snow covers a road, less than 35mph off of highways and on highway curves, hills, ramps and in heavy traffic. Speeds above 45mph on icy roads are NOT SAFE for ANY vehicle. Stay off of any steep hills when roads are icy. For freezing rain, no speeds are safe! Icy roads kill more people in the USA than all other forms of severe weather COMBINED. Learn more at, a web site I built to help educate drivers. All of this footage is copyrighted and may not be copied, re-uploaded or used without a license. For footage inquiries, visit:

08Silverado 4X4 snow
Driving my 2008 silverado Z71 in some snow