RX7 Tribute

www.myspace.com/gtpcrew GTP Crew this is a Tribute video for the Mazda RX7. The video has RX7s racing and drifting on the street and track. Enjoy!!! Music: Move, Blast My Desire please Comments

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Lancer Evolution
www.myspace.com/gtpcrew GTP Crew this is a take 2 for my last Evo video. a lot of ppl was talking about the Music, so i did a Remix. at the end you well see the best drift ever. Hope You enjoy It. Music: Saliva, superstar

Rally Tribute
www.myspace.com/gtpcrew GTP Crew this is a tribute to Colin McRae, and the sport he loved. Rally is also my biggest love in the world, thanks to Tommi Makinen and the Lancer Evolution. music by: Thusand Foot Krutch please Comments.

Smokey Nagata
www.myspace.com/gtpcrew GTP Crew This is a tirbute to the fastest man on the wangan, Mr. Smokey Nagata!!! this is the man that made the V8 G35 and the V12 Supra, both cars can do over 200+ mph. this guy is a Tuner God. please Comment. Music: Saliva Ladies and Gentlemen

Nitrous LSx Mazda RX-7 vs E85 Big Turbo EVO on slicks!
EVO HAD CLUTCH ISSUES REMATCH COMING SOON!! OutOfOrder EVO vs DNR Performance LSx RX-7 Shoutout to 3HeadedElephantS for the GoPro Footage! Checkout his channel and subscribe, also watch his badass edit of this same race here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JS4-nv-9Hvg Subscribe ✔ http://www.youtube.com/subscription_c... Like Us On Facebook 👍 http://facebook.com/BARvids Follow Us On Instagram 📷 https://instagram.com/BayAreaRacing BAR 🏁 http://www.BayAreaRacing.org