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Hot August Nights 1957 Plymouth Belvedere Convertible

We bought a 1957 Plymouth Belvedere Convertible on eBay from Salem Indiana that had not run for several years, similar to the car I had when I graduated High School in 1962. I scurried trying to get it running and safe to drive to Hot August Nights in Reno Nevada for 2010. The paint job is 28 years old but shined up nicely. What a blast from the past, we had a ball.... More information here http://www.ronhilbert.com/plymouth-index.htm


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The 1957+58 Plymouth Movie
Join the ChristineCarClub! =) http://www.christinecarclubforum.com

Christine 1957 Plymouth Fury
Christine 1957 Plymouth Fury drive on night ...

1960 Plymouth Fury
By the 1960s, American automakers were eliminating the Big Fins. Plymouth surely didn't follow the trend in 1960! This is a 1960 Plymouth Fury Two-Door Hardtop.

57 Plymouth Under Heap Awaits The Crusher :O 1of 2
Be aware that part 2 of this video has the crusher in action:( I was fortunate enough five years ago to discover this yard and rescue my 66 Fury || (seen parked within) from the now impending fate of the cars you see here... I drove her back 350 miles for the first and now obviously last time during my ongoing 57 Plymouth bumper wing search. I genuinely thank the owners, both past and present, for allowing me this last tribute visit before the yard is gone. I was able to scrounge a gas tank and tinted side glass for my 56 Ply wagon, but no luck on my bumper wing search. Over 20 57-58 Plymouths had already met their demise:{ Call Windy Pearson there to see if anything you need has not entered the nether world yet. Hurry!!! I will give her # to those I believe are not calling to criticize what is inevitable for all these yards someday... VM PS I am off to a yard in NY state this November that has many 57-58 Plymouths stashed there:)

WOW!!!! all original 1958 plymouth belvedere
a true survivor,never restored,never painted

134001 / 1964 Plymouth Savoy A-864 Super Stock
For more information on this vehicle visit http://tinyurl.com/arjjfaf

Rusty Old 1957 Plymouth Belvedere
My guess is it is a1957 Plymouth Belvedere. Any other suggestions?

Save This Plymouth Belvedere!
http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1957-PLYMOUTH-4-DOOR-GREAT-PARTS-CAR-TITLE-_ W0QQcmdZViewItemQQhashZitem3cb3c9574bQQitemZ260714354507QQptZSalvageQ5fPart sQ5fCars I don´t try to advertise or something, but I couldn´t bear to see this car go to waste.

Driving the 1971 Dodge Coronet
Recorded on June 20, 2011. This car turns 40 years old as of this recording!

Old Cars Cruisin' After Dark (HD) - Reno's Hot August Nights- Part 4 of 4
Old Cars Cruisin' After Dark (HD) Hot August Nights Controlled Cruise Downtown Reno, Nevada Friday August 7 2009 Part 4 of 4. 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Camaro Chevelle El Camino Impala Dodge Challenger Charger Super Bee Ford Mustang Cougar Falcon Fairlane Galaxie Opel Model T Touring 1956 Nash Metropolitan Oldsmobile 442 Super 88 Pontiac Trans Am Plymouth Corvair Shelby Cobra Mercury Comet Montclair Studebaker Packard Buick Riviera

1957 Plymouth Fury, All Original Numbers Matching, Very Rare Car
This is the beginning, middle and glorious end to a love affair with one of the best 1957 Plymouth's in the entire world. They don't make cars like this anymore and that makes viewing this montage even sweeter. I invite you all to watch and I hope, enjoy this presentation. Happy motoring all you car crazy guys and gals out there.

1957 Dodge Walk-around and short drive.
Walk-around and short drive in my 1957 Sweptwing Dodge. It was bought by my grandfather in May, 1957. He paid around $3300 for it, quite a bit for those days. It is all original and in pretty good shape. Engine is 325 V-8 with 4 barrel carburetor. 3-Speed, push-button transmission. Only option was the AM radio.

1955 Plymouth
Jace Polkey's '55 Plymouth with model Laura Brookshaw.

1957 Plymouth Savoy
This was a 1957 Plymouth Savoy I had purchased for $300. My wife named it grumpy. Push button torqueflite trans, 301 ci motor, polyspherical heads, manual foot pedal windshield washers, torsion bar suspension. It handled really well, weighed over 3300 lbs. I wound up trading it for a 57 Chevy a few years later.. at the time I had planed to cut the roof off and weld up all the doors. Guess I am glad I never did..

Driving to work in my 1958 Plymouth - Christine's on the road again!
This is me and Christine on my way to work. It's just a short trip to test my new camera. Finally I'm able to do HD videos. Sorry, I still can't afford a GoPro! :) If you're a fan of the movie "Christine" or 1957 / 58 Plymouths in general don't forget to join the International Christine Club. More information here: http://www.internationalchristineclub.net

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