Hot August Nights 1957 Plymouth Belvedere Convertible

We bought a 1957 Plymouth Belvedere Convertible on eBay from Salem Indiana that had not run for several years, similar to the car I had when I graduated High School in 1962. I scurried trying to get it running and safe to drive to Hot August Nights in Reno Nevada for 2010. The paint job is 28 years old but shined up nicely. What a blast from the past, we had a ball.... More information here

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1957 Plymouth Fury
1957 Plymouth Fury Typically when you think tail fins you picture 57 Chevys and vintage Cadillac's. Well once you lay your eyes on this classic that will change. This 1957 Plymouth Fury utilizes some of the coolest tail fins ever designed. The car has that classic 50s look and combines it with an overall toughness that is hard to describe. It may look like a classic 50's cruiser but with the dual quad 318 under the hood this car was known for performance. Just over 7,000 of these cars were made but despite that number you rarely ever see them. The 2 door hardtop body is coated in Sand Dune White which is the only color scheme these cars ever received. This is combined with stainless and gold trim for an awesome look from the side. The tall triangle taillights are incorporated into the fins and will have anybody following you down the road drooling. All of the chrome is cleanly mounted in place and has a mirror like finish. The glass is in great shape and is all topped with a slight tint. The car rides on the original wheels and hubcaps which are fitted with wide white wall tires. Powering the car is the factory dual 4 barrel 318 V8 motor that runs very well. Every component in place has a nice finish and has the stock style paint. It is one of those motors that doesn't need a bunch of chrome to look cool. The original style Gold air cleaners are incredibly unique and even parts like the factory power brake Booster grab your attention. The car was also fitted with factory steering so if you had one of these in 57 you were definitely cruising in style. Mated to the motor is the original push button Torqueflite transmission which is a very neat feature to operate. The car starts up well and settles into a nice smooth rumble provided via the dual Exhaust. The interior of this classic is done in a combination of white and beige. The upholstery and interior components are immaculate transporting you back to the 50's when you step inside. Things like the original gauges and steering wheel just go to show how much time went into designing cars back in the day. A lot of the interior knobs, switches and buttons are done in gold giving it a nice touch of class. The original radio is also in place and working properly. Search around online and you will see these cars don't come up for sale very often so don't wait around too long to come check it out in person! Check it out at Classical Gas Enterprises (682) 429-1010 and remember "There's A Future In The Past With Classical Gas"

1957 Dodge Custom Royal Convertible YelBlk TVil121512
Dramatic! Swept wing! That's how they described the styling of the new Dodge for '57! Notice the obvious fins, the beautiful two tone paint, and interior! Everything went so well together! The instrument panel is well designed and is color coordinated too!

Rusty Old 1957 Plymouth Belvedere
My guess is it is a1957 Plymouth Belvedere. Any other suggestions?

Concours d'Elegance Forest Grove Oregon Car Show
July 21, 2013 I was invited to the 41st Concours d'Elegance Forest Grove Oregon Car Show for my 1957 Plymouth Belvedere Convertible. There were so many cars i decided to do a video with my DSLR Nikon D7000 camera. I won a second place in my class. Cars entered for judging must meet minimum point requirements to achieve awards in class. Third in class: 75 points. Second in class: 85 points. First in class: 92 points. This is a 100 point system. The judges had 31 years experience judging Chrysler products. It was an honor being invited to this show and I have never seen more people photographing the 57 Plymouth.