Best Motoring - [4/10] LP550-2 vs 07' GT-R vs LP560-4 vs 10' GT-R

"GT-R vs Gallardo" [Lamborghini vs Nissan]

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GT-R 3LAP BATTLE GT-R 2012 vs. 2011 vs. 2009 Best Motor TV ベストモーターTV

GT-R 0〜400 BATTLE GT-R 2012 vs. 2011 vs. 2009 Best Motor TV ベストモーターTV

Best Motoring International STI Fast on 4 *Full DVD / Keiichi Tsuchiya*
With the first edition debuting in 1987 and the last in 2011, the videos were marked by non traditional races and challenges such as Tōge battles, in which one car tries to outrun another on a twisty mountain pass. The drivers were the premier racers of the various Japanese racing series, including JGTC (now Super GT), the D1 Grand Prix, and Formula Nippon. Some of the regular hosts/drivers included the "Drift King" Keiichi Tsuchiya, Manabu Orido, and Juichi Wakisaka. Best Motoring, Hot Version and Video Special were all produced by Kodansha/2&4 Motoring. The Japanese version of Best Motoring was a monthly video series covering mainly non-tuned factory cars, whereas Hot Version (ホットバージョン) was the bi-monthly video series testing mainly tuned cars. Video Special was yet another video series that was released irregularly and usually focused on a particular car model. The final installments are Best Motoring of April 2011's. However, Hot Version would make it's return shortly after being cancelled due to popular demand. Other spinoffs series included quarter-yearly Racing History, released in 2005, was dedicated to the historical aspect of Japanese motorsport.

ベストモータリングビデオスペシャル Vol.58 ① NISSAN GT-R 2008-2009開発ストーリー BESTMOTORINGVIDEOSPECIAL JAPANESECAR 2008年から2009年にかけて、ニュルブルクリンク、仙台ハ ランドで行われた開発現場に密着レポート。 イヤーモデルごとに類を見ない大幅なブラッシュアップ を行うGT-Rの進化の軌跡を完全収録。 2008年7月号より R35GT-R 2008年後期モデル 開発現場密着レポート 2008年8月号より R35GT-R 2008年後期モデル ドイツ激走インプレッション 2009年1月号より 初乗り NISMO GT-R 2009年2月号より 2009年型GT-R スペシャルアタック 2009年3月号より GT-R スペックV デビュー! ★キャスター 土屋圭市、木下隆之、鈴木利男、水野和敏