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Metropolitan Police x3 Volkswagen Transporter, Volvo V50 & Ford Transit On Emergency Call

3 totally different vehicles from the Met police seen here responding to a call, the Unmarked cars seemed to be going to a different call in another direction or could just be taking different routes so one gets their faster.


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Inconspicuous Ingenuity 2014 - Escorted by the Met Police Special Escort Group
This is the definitive film on the world-renowned Metropolitan Police Special Escort Group. Charged with protecting and escorting heads of state, government ministers and the Royal Family through London and the south east, the unit is one of the most secretive in Britain. Filmed from a number of vantage points across London, this 30 minute HD film places you in the seat normally occupied by the principal VIP in the motorcade, giving you a unique view of the tactics and operations used by this media-shy group. Journalist Antony Loveless, who has extensive experience in the police and defence sectors, was given unprecedented access to the SEG and accompanied them on a number of escorts to produce this film. The result is ‘Inconspicuous Ingenuity’, which includes all-new footage of the group’s operations filmed from the ‘hot seat’. Highlights include an epic mid-afternoon run across central London, taking in many of the capital’s iconic landmarks, filmed from inside the lead Bentley in a motorcade consisting of eight vehicles and escorted by five riders. It also incorporates re-edited film from an escort in 2000 featuring a running commentary by the driver, one of the SEG’s most experienced members. Take your seat…and ride with the Metropolitan Police Special Escort Group.

Metropolitan Police Volvo V50 & Ford Mondeo Responding Together
Seen responding around Lambeth Roundabout, London Filmed on a Sony DCR-SR35

Met Police Driving School
This video gives viewers an insight into the various driver training courses carried out at the Metropolitan Police Driving School at Hendon. The Driving School provides high quality driver training, aimed at enhancing both road and officer safety enabling the Police Service to carry out their role in difficult and demanding traffic conditions. Safety without compromise is the key message. For more information on the Metropolitan Police Driving School please visit the website - www.met.police.uk/mpds/index.htm

5x Metropolitan Police Unmarked Vehicles Responding
5 unmarked police vehicles from the Met police seen here responding past Hyde Park Corner, London. There was a total of 7 which went past in 10 minutes but I missed two of them. Vehicles are as follows; - Mitsubishi Outlander - Audi A1 - Mercedes Vito - Volkeswagen Golf GTi - Ford S-Max

Police CHASE Motorcycles Running From COPS Helicopter + Patrol Car Bike Crash Chasing Bikers VS Cops
INSANE motorcycle stunt riders get chased by the police helicopter and patrol cars for riding wheelies, drifting swing multiple lanes plus doing other stunts on the street. A group of stunt riders performing extreme freestyle motorcycle stunts and tricks on public street's and highway's get the attention of law enforcement. Police chase a large group of bikers running from the cops. Motorcyclist lead police officers chasing them on wild high speed pursuit. Police patrol cars at multiple times our only a few feet away from motorcycles performing drifts and wheelies throughout the entire police chase. Law enforcement use all the resource at there disposal to try and stop bikers evading arrest police even bring out a helicopter aka ghetto bird to spot light bikes running from the police patrol cars on the ground. You'll see one sport bike rider wreck while attempting to wheelie with cops only a few feet away. The stunt rider crashes while being chased by police cruises and helicopter spot light him above. Bike Vs Cops on the street bikers battle to out run law enforcement. A few of the stunt bike riders our eventually caught and arrested by police but most of the stunt bike riders eventually get away and out run the police by going through a tunnel under the highway to escape all police including helicopter or ghetto bird! Please SHARE & LIKE Video!!! SUBSCRIBE Sitdown Steve Channel http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=sitdownsteve Visit Streetfighterz Official Web Site http://streetfighterz.com CONNECT With Sitdown Steve Instagram: http://instagram.com/sitdownsteve Facebook: http://facebook.com/sitdownsteve Google+: http://google.com/+sitdownsteve

St John Ambulance Mercedes Sprinter On Route To Hospital
An Ex CATS sprinter seen here on An EMS run to the hospital where someone can recieve urgent medical attention

RARE - Metropolitan Police SCO19 - Firearms Tactical Support Team - Responding in convoy (4x)
Super RARE - Metropolitan Police SCO19 - x4 Unmarked & Armed Tactical Support Team Convoy - Skoda Superb, Audi A6, BMW 525d, Mercedes Viano - On shout in Euston, London (This may not be SCO19 - but who knows really?) Followed 30 seconds later by a Ford Transit on lights and sirens from the Metropolitan Police (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79lMoa85p7Y) _________________________________________________ Date filmed: 22/08/14 _________________________________________________ Thank you for watching! Please leave feedback, both positive and negative (With good reason) - in the comments below so I can improve my videos! _________________________________________________ Special thank you to all emergency personnel who serve and who've served to save lives and thank you all related life saving agencies and forces for your work. _______________________________________________________ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Cobra999VidNPic General talk and media Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/cobraemergencyphotos/ Emergency service photos Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/CobraEmergency For photos, videos, other media and various facts/related info! _______________________________________________________ Enjoy! - Ⓒ Video belongs to CobraEmergencyVideos, please ask for permission before re-uploading or using anywhere else https://www.youtube.com//CobraEmergencyVideos ▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀ ▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀ Please be aware that this video may not have been filmed on the date of publication - and that the majority of my videos were filmed several days, weeks or months previously (With some cases being archived videos). --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------- Misc: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------- Last updated: 28/11/2014 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------- Other/Old Titles: RARE - Metropolitan Police SCO19 - Firearms Tactical Support Team - Responding in convoy (4x) RARE - Metropolitan Police SCO19 - x4 Unmarked Tactical Support Team Convoy - On shout RARE - Metropolitan Police SCO19 - x4 Unmarked & Armed Tactical Support Team Convoy - On shout --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------- Other tags: Armed Police,Firearms Police,CO19,Armed Response Vehicle,TST,Tactical Support Team,Armed Police Convoy,

Metropolitan Police BMW X5 X2 & Unmarked Skoda Superb Responding
Seen responding along Euston Road, London Filmed on a Nikon D7000

Metropolitan Police - 6x TSG Police Vans And A Ford Toureno On Emergency Call
6x TSG Police Vans And A Ford Toureno On Emergency Call in Euston, heading towards Kings Cross.

Metropolitan Police - Three Territorial Support Group Mercedes Sprinters On Emergency Call
Three public order vans on a shout around Trafalgar Square. Note the front carrier using its front spot light for extra visibility; very effective. The siren you hear in the background is a London Ambulance Service Mercedes Sprinter on a shout. This video was taken with a Panasonic TZ7.

8 Metropolitan Police & British Transport Vehicles on a shout (HD)
**Please read description** A re-upload of 3 seperate videos stitched together which were originally taken on 17th August 2009. -------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 Metropolitan Police & 2 British Transport Vehicles on a shout. India 99 also turned up (you can hear it towards the end!). Unfortunately the battery died on my camera so I couldn't get a closer shot of the met astras and transit as they drove up. As they did get closer to me, 2 of the Vauxhall Astras did a U-turn and sped off in the other direction on blues. Vehicles seen in this order: British Transport police Ford Mondeo British Transport Police Mercedes Vito Metropolitan Police Vauxhall Vectra area car Metropolitan Police unmarked Ford Mondeo robbery squad Metropolitan Police Vauxhall Astra IRV Metropolitan Police Vauxhall Astra IRV Metropolitan Police Ford Transit station van Metropolitan Police Vauxhall Astra IRV This is 3 videos stitched together, all were taken within a minute of each other. It turns out they were all en route to a tube alert which turned out to be a false alarm, hence the cancellation at the end of the video.

Metropolitan Police Vauxhall Astra Flying To Emergency Call
This AStra nearly taking the wrong turn and almost getting up on 3 wheels. Close call, then heading up the road off trafalgar square!

Cheshire Police Vector Armed Response Demonstration - Part 1/2
Part 1 of the Cheshire Police Vector Armed Response Demonstration seen at the joint Cheshire Police & Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service open day 2010 held at Police HQ in Winsford. ** Apologies for the quality, I had to use my old camera for this as my battery was getting low on my better camera **

Met Police Ford Transit IRV (61 plate)
A brand new Ford Transit IRV, sporting a fleet make-over; fitted with mini LED light bars and a Whelen Alpha siren, as opposed to the Sterling, Redtronic and Britax equipment used on the older vehicles.

Unmarked London Police VW Transporter (officer waves) + LAS Ambulance
An unmarked VW police van responding to an emergency and a London Ambulance Service sprinter responding in the other direction. London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. 11.2012

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