Metropolitan Police x3 Volkswagen Transporter, Volvo V50 & Ford Transit On Emergency Call

3 totally different vehicles from the Met police seen here responding to a call, the Unmarked cars seemed to be going to a different call in another direction or could just be taking different routes so one gets their faster.

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RARE | London Metropolitan Police escorting unmarked Iveco lorry
RARE | London Metropolitan Police Roads Policing Units - Volvo V70 and motorcycles seen escorting an unmarked green Iveco truck through London. © FrogFootTV / TheAviationWeb - Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited - For licensing queries please email me about it

Metropolitan Police Volvo V50 & Ford Mondeo Responding Together
Seen responding around Lambeth Roundabout, London Filmed on a Sony DCR-SR35

A case of mistaken identity, I got overtaken by 2 bikes prior to turning the GoPro on ! The traffic officers had a quick friendly chat and then I was on my way 🏍💨😋

Metropolitan Police BMW X5 X2 & Unmarked Skoda Superb Responding
Seen responding along Euston Road, London Filmed on a Nikon D7000