Metropolitan Police x3 Volkswagen Transporter, Volvo V50 & Ford Transit On Emergency Call

3 totally different vehicles from the Met police seen here responding to a call, the Unmarked cars seemed to be going to a different call in another direction or could just be taking different routes so one gets their faster.

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Metropolitan Police Volvo V50 & Ford Mondeo Responding Together
Seen responding around Lambeth Roundabout, London Filmed on a Sony DCR-SR35

RARE | London Metropolitan Police escorting unmarked Iveco lorry
RARE | London Metropolitan Police Roads Policing Units - Volvo V70 and motorcycles seen escorting an unmarked green Iveco truck through London. © FrogFootTV / TheAviationWeb - Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited - For licensing queries please email me about it

RARE - Private Ambulance Volvo V50 + Metropolitan Police x2 riot vans responding
RARE - Private Ambulance Volvo V50 and two London Metropolitan Police riot vans responding in Trafalgar Square, London, UK. More details below: As you can see, the Territorial Support Group officer is helpfully trying to guide both the protected carriers through and direct traffic - not an easy task in C.London, especially during protest. DG60 UOO - Central Midlands Ambulance Service (?) Rapid Response Vehicle Volvo V50 from Oxford Radcliffe NHS (?) LX54 JNF - XBW Metropolitan Police Police Support Unit/Protected Carrier Mercedes-Benz Sprinter LX05 DXF - GJZ Metropolitan Police Police Support Unit/Protected Carrier Mercedes-Benz Sprinter The Volvo V50 is known to do Organ Transplants, how-ever, that day it was seen on lights and sirens several times in Westminster, even onscene outside a building of entertainment. It is believed this is based at Oxford Radcliffe NHS in Oxford, but belongs to Birmingham based Central Midlands Ambulance Service - yet has been seen in London a few times (Understandably doing Organ Transplant runs). Anyone shed any light on this? Seems very odd. Recorded: 27th May 2015 Published: 29th May 2015 at 16:30. Thankyou for watching! - CobraEmergencyVideos Twitter: General talk and media Flickr: Emergency service photos Facebook page: For photos, videos, other media and various facts/related info! For compilations of emergency vehicles responding, visit: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------- SPECIAL THANKS --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------- Special thank you to all emergency personnel who serve and who've served to save lives and thank you all related life saving agencies and forces for your work. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------- COPYRIGHT --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------- - Ⓒ Standard YouTube License - Video belongs to CobraEmergencyVideos --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------- MISC --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------- Last updated: BEFORE PUBLICATION ___ Titles log: Last updated title: NEVER ___ Description log: Last updated description: NEVER ___ Tags log: Last updated tags: NEVER

3x Metropolitan Police Unmarked Vehicles Responding
RARE - Three unmarked vehicles (Volkeswagen Caravelle and two Ford Mondeo's) from the Met police seen responding in North Harrow heading to an armed standoff nearby in Headstone Lane.