Metropolitan Police x3 Volkswagen Transporter, Volvo V50 & Ford Transit On Emergency Call

3 totally different vehicles from the Met police seen here responding to a call, the Unmarked cars seemed to be going to a different call in another direction or could just be taking different routes so one gets their faster.

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Volvo V50 D5 R-Design
提到Volvo汽車,大家直覺的反應一定是極其安全的汽車防 科技,沒錯!Volvo造車的理念向來以安全為核心價值, 今天所要介紹的這款V50 D5柴油車型,除了具備Volvo家族的高安全防護基準之外! 車更配置了R-Design空力套件與內裝部品,大幅提升整體內 外觀的運動氣息。此外,今天所試駕的車款,還經過原廠 S.A.M Power Box動力晶片組的強化,動力大幅提升達13.5%,最大輸出也 到205hp/40.2kgm的出色表現,不僅性能更加搶眼,就連油耗 表現也有顯著的提升!且以V50 D5 R-Design才僅160萬元的建議售價來看,額外加裝S.A.M Power Box晶片組,僅需花費4.2萬元,這樣的投資報酬率,放眼國 內同級距的競爭車款來說,確實是相當值得推薦一款旅行 車型。

St John Ambulance Mercedes Sprinter On Route To Hospital
An Ex CATS sprinter seen here on An EMS run to the hospital where someone can recieve urgent medical attention

Metropolitan Police Unmarked BMW Responding To Emergency Call
A Unmarked BMW responding down Euston road to an emergency call

Cheshire Police Vector Armed Response Demonstration - Part 1/2
Part 1 of the Cheshire Police Vector Armed Response Demonstration seen at the joint Cheshire Police & Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service open day 2010 held at Police HQ in Winsford. ** Apologies for the quality, I had to use my old camera for this as my battery was getting low on my better camera **