3M™ Car Wrapping Projekt Nissan JUKE Pure Black

Näheres & Kontakt unter http://bit.ly/YT_3MService_Automobil Erfahren Sie mehr: http://bit.ly/YT_3M_Autofolie - Die limitierte Sonderedition Nissan JUKE Pure Black verdankt ihre einzigartige mattschwarze Optik moderner Folientechnologie von 3M. Die 400 Fahrzeuge der Sonderserie wurden dank einer Folierung mit 3M™ Scotchprint® Wrap Film Serie 1080 zum Blickfang. Neben der reinen Folierungsarbeit gehörte auch die Montage von Anbauteilen wie Endschalldämpfer, Navigationssystem und Tagfahrlicht zum schlüsselfertigen Gesamtpaket. Die 3M Services GmbH übernahm hierbei das gesamte Projektmanagement als Full-Service-Dienstleister. Kontaktformular: http://bit.ly/YT_3M_Autofolie-Kontakt Keine News mehr verpassen http://bit.ly/YT_3M_News Finden Sie uns im Netz: http://bit.ly/YT_3M_Website http://bit.ly/YT_3M_Facebook http://bit.ly/YT_3M_Autofolie_FB http://bit.ly/YT_3M_Insta_Auto http://bit.ly/YT_3M_Twitter http://bit.ly/YT_3M_Xing #LifeWith3M

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DIY: Wrapping Rims in Matte Black Vinyl
I wanted to try a new style for my winter rims, and instead of pinting them i wrapped them in vinyl, Costs about $10 a rim. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/321097538225 This short video shows you how to wrap a rim quickly(sped up 3x), There really is no downfall to doing this, faster and cheaper then painting, the vinyl only weighs .4 ounces or about 50 grams. and thats spread out throughout the rim and if you dont like it then just peal it off. If you want more info or you want to buy some vinyl contact me at portabuddy@gmail.com Or come contact me at 8thcivic.com please don't send a message though youtube, I don't come here often. third year! http://i134.photobucket.com/albums/q110/portabuddy/winter/winter1_zps4be883 10.jpg Check it out on ebay for the full written DIY. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/321097538225 Or visit my ebay page at http://stores.ebay.ca/Sauga-Image and scroll down to Matte Black Vinyl Rim Wrap 6x 24"x24" Also the first song uses is a -rusko remix its rusko hold on sub focus remix, the second song is -supersonic the world of discotronic and the last song is the classic -chemical brothers hay boy hay girl with a dunstep remix.

Clear Paint Protection - Nissan Juke by The Tint Shop Inc.
Installation of Hood, Fender, Bumper kit on a Nissan Juke by The Tint Shop Inc. located in Great Neck, Long Island NY. Please check our new website for all paint protection and vehicle wrap needs. www.longislandpaintprotection.com

Avery Dennison Conform Chrome - Fender
This is a video of Justin Pate applying Avery Dennison's new Conform Chrome at the ISA sign show in Orlando (March 2012). The video demonstrates the how this chrome can conform to a vehicle without whitening or wrinkles. The adhesive liner is the same as the 1005 easy apply rs films which makes Conform Chrome very easy to apply. * Please note that this chrome is for for use as accent pieces on a car such as door handles, mirrors and striping. Covering large sections of a vehicle such as this fender is in most states illegal so when applying Avery Conform Chrome please adhere to local regulations.

How to wrap a car - OPEL ASTRA OPC - aztec bronze
Wrap World - WRAP YOUR CAR! - Imagefilm