Forza 4 Mustang exhaust BOV sound comparison

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Forza 4 - JDM Life
105k Views? Damnn, wasn't even expecting 1k to be fair haha, thanks to everyone who watched it :) Thank you to everyone that helped!:) I WAS BANNED, I NO LONGER HAVE AN XBOX NOR FORZA 4, STOP ASKING TO JOIN PLEASE Track list(In order): 1. Sway ft Kano - Still Speedin [Remix] 2. Drastik Measures - Recon 3. Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Close Drivers: IIx Airrrr - Blue supra, Black R32, Beige EF Civic, Black S14, Beige S13 Missile, Silver S15 Master Crinchy - Black Supra, Red S14, White/Blue Subaru Ice City Star - Black Integra Black0bama - Yellow EG, Black/White Subaru, White R33, White Evo BAXTER941 - White Integra Kyletol95 - Beige EK RtjeNR1 - Black EK xVeNoM DRiFTZz - White EK, Camera Car iBe vComeAtMe x - White EG IO NOVACAINE OI - White CRX Xx MYKEJOWL xX - Maroon EG TweedleDee963 - Gold EK Ant618 - Red Mazdaspeed 3

Forza 4 - Street Races - American Classics - Test n' Tune (HD)
These races are test n' tune runs down Sebring Internatonal Raceway for a series I've started. All cars are not very well match since we were trying out different horsepowers and tire compounds to establish rules and regulations. Rules for American Classics Battle Royal - No drag tires, no race tranny, weight must be above 3000lbs, horsepower must be 650hp or below, and roll cages are required.

Forza Motorsport 4-93 Mustang build
WATCH IN HD!!!Quick game play in forza motorsport 4 building my 93 outlaw Mustang and tuning it for standing mile run,ENJOY!!

The Sound of BOV - Turbosmart Supersonic
A video sound-sample of the turbosmart Supersonic fitted to our track-tuned Series 4 RX-7.