Carrara 7 car Crash tutorial.

A member of the Daz Forums asked that I make a tutorial showing how the GT40 vs Ball Bearing video was made. This video is not in depth but does give an overview of each stage of the process and how to work around a few physics bugs. With Carrara 8 expected soon most of the information in this video may be outdated in the near future. GT40 model available at Royalty free music by Kevin MacLeod

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Blender Demolition - Proxy Mesh Utilization (Demo 6)
Demo video of the development of the Demolition feature for Blender 2.6. For more informations see: Please consider making a donation for this project: Tags: Destruction, Fracturing, Shattering, Tearing, LS-DYNA, ANSYS, Pam-Crash, Digital Molecular Matter, DMM, Rayfire, Demolition, Animation, Game, Demonstration, Tech, Computer, Technology, Demo, simulation, Apex, Ford, Truck, chevrolet, chevy, silverado, Pickup Truck (Body Style), Accident, Traffic Collision, fail

Car accident 3D animation
Visualization of a traffic accident and the following rescue-operation. Focus is on the tools used by firemen to evacuate the victim from the car.

3DS Max Reactor. Toy Car Test 6
The latest in the line of experiments learning to use Reactor in 3DS Max 2010. This time I've spent a bit more time on the camera work as I had neglected that a bit in the previous test. I've also experimented with some excessive motion blur using the super fast HDR Image Motion Blur Shader (right at the end of the video). I have used a proper video editing package for the first time here at had some problems getting it to output in a size and format that I wanted. Also, the package I used didn't have the facility to import a series of still frames as an animation, so the video has been double compressed, which has affected the quality a little. Something for me to work on for next time....

Blender tutorial - simple car crash animation (Blender tutoriál - animace destrukce automobilu)
Postup k vytvoření animace destrukce vozidla (není zahrnuta fyzikální animace jednotlivých částí automobilu při jízdě - vozidlo se chová jako celkový model), s využitím Soft Body a Rigid Body fyziky v Blenderu 2.69. Postup k vytvoření modelu vozidla zahrnut není (model lze stáhnout z internetu) Download car model used in this video: