Camshaft Degreeing the Easy Way.MP4

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Setting Up A Degree Wheel And Finding True Top Dead Center (TDC)
Information about degree wheels. What their purpose is, choosing a degree wheel, and how to setup a degree wheel on true top dead center (TDC) using a piston stop. This video should be useful for most single cylinder engines. Even on a multi-cylinder engine, the technique is the same, but you would generally be setting up the degree wheel using the #1 cylinder. Printable Degree Wheel el Thanks for watching. Please Like, Favorite, and Subscribe for more!

Camshaft & Valve Animation Training - Automotive Appreciation Part 2
Course includes cam shafts, valves, variable valve timing, hydraulic cam follower, VVTi and VTEC.

Ask Roger: When building up a stock v8 motor how important is lift and duration in the cam?
It's ASK ROGER time! We just uploaded the latest ASK ROGER video and are pumped to announce our December WINNER! Congratulations to Michael Kerschner on being selected as the ‪#‎AskRoger‬ questions of the month and winning a set of E3 Spark Plugs (up to a V8)! Michael Kerschner asked "When trying to build up a stock v8 motor how important is lift and duration in the cam that u pick to put in it?"

Dart University, Degreeing Your Cam
Kevin Byrd shows you how to degree your cam properly in this episode of Dart 101.