Digital Designs 3510e in 1997 Acura Integra hatch!

Hey guys, my latest setup, truly the best compromise between overall weight and loudness. A DD 3510e with dual 4 ohm voice coils, a hifonics 2607d being run at 2 ohms, 2 runs of 0 gauge wire plus big 3 all done, batcap 400, zapco i-force 450 4 channel, lower end pioneer mids n highs, alpine 9881 head unit, lil kenwood quarter-din eq, and A SHITLOAD of dynamat, scosche sound deadener, and damplifier sound deadener, NO RATTLES!!!! :D

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Two HDC3 15 Subs Doing a Hair Trick In a 99 Integra
2 HDC3-15's 1 Crescendo 3KWP 1 DC power 320 hp 3 Odyssey pc1750's

3 12"s Integra sound system, tearing up the steering wheel ^_^
check it out. 3 12"s TMA made by JL Audio, in a sealed box powered by an OLD school alpine vpower 300 watt amp (moffo kicks ass) this was my OLD system, just trying to keep it up for memories =] miss it

1997 Acura Integra
Walk around of my car. interior and body kit/Exhaust vids later. comment rate whatever. thanx for veiwing more to come. tell me how video quality is recording off of my motorola droid

Digital Designs 3518's Installation- Fed-Ex driver disapproves!
Zomg! They are here.....they are in....THEY ARE GREAT!!!!! So low and so clean...damn near wanna say SQ'll love the ending! lulz