Audi S6 C4 2,2 Turbo, MTM, K26, RS2

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AUDI S4 C4 2.2T
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Audi S4 2.2T Donut
Provar att snurra lite med Urs4:an

2016 Audi S6 Quick Drive and Price
I take a Mythos Black 2016 Audi S6 with Design Selection Arras Red interior around the block just before a massive rain storm drenches the town. I had my cell phone and a few minutes, so I took advantage of the opportunity to grab this for you. I love this interior. I will try to do a full review if this car is still available in the next week or so - highly doubtful this won't be gone when I can get back.

MUSTANG GT vs AUDI 2.2 turbo
gaiziunai drag 2010 05 30