Saturn SW2 Drag racing

June 9th 2007 Dragracing at St.Thomas dragpark

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MCO Ice Race 2012 Montage pov Saturn SW2
30 minutes montage from 3hrs+ of footage. February 19, 2012 MCO ICE RACE Capital City Speedway 1999 Saturn SW2 - 5spd - Michelin X-Ice 2 3 Hour endurance race, rubber to ice only. We took 2nd in FWD class and 5th overall. There were 13 cars in all. Co-drivers Alex P. Kevin P. Perry C. Some Timelines... 00:00-4:35 Alex P. 04:36-9:08 Kevin P. 9:09-11:35Perry C. 11:36-16:09 Alex P. 16:30-19:44 Kevin P. 19:45-21:55 Perry C. 21:53-22:58 Kevin P. 22:56-25:54 Perry C. 25:55-27:39 Alex P. 27:40 Pictures Saturn vs Saturn Crash ~16:40 Black Flagged for collision 18:00

v8 saturn
finally a ten sec. pass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10.97 at 120 with a 1.49 60 ft!!!

Saturn Ricer End
A tribute to the final days of my Saturn before I sold it and got a new car.

turbo saturn wagon sw2 drag racing us43 7.91 1/8th
turbo saturn wagon drag racing 7.91 1/8th. i just put a megasquirt on and spin real bad with some old wore out slicks.