Saturn SW2 Drag racing

June 9th 2007 Dragracing at St.Thomas dragpark

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Saturn SW2 AKA The Sadburn
Engine has enough blow by to make Boost.

Saturn Drag Racing (best run)
Finally in the 13's

MCO Ice Race 2012 Montage pov Saturn SW2
30 minutes montage from 3hrs+ of footage. February 19, 2012 MCO ICE RACE Capital City Speedway 1999 Saturn SW2 - 5spd - Michelin X-Ice 2 3 Hour endurance race, rubber to ice only. We took 2nd in FWD class and 5th overall. There were 13 cars in all. Co-drivers Alex P. Kevin P. Perry C. Some Timelines... 00:00-4:35 Alex P. 04:36-9:08 Kevin P. 9:09-11:35Perry C. 11:36-16:09 Alex P. 16:30-19:44 Kevin P. 19:45-21:55 Perry C. 21:53-22:58 Kevin P. 22:56-25:54 Perry C. 25:55-27:39 Alex P. 27:40 Pictures Saturn vs Saturn Crash ~16:40 Black Flagged for collision 18:00

"Main bitch"-Saturn sw2 video edit
My boy colin and his main bitch