1st gen Rx-7 SUPERCHARGED streetported 12A Reving up!

Just playing with the camara, wishing all the snow was gone so I can drive the car.

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12A Turbo Rx7
12A turbo hesitating and having a strange idle?

20B RX-7 vs GTR R35 - First run in RX-7
Drag race between brothers gets intense as Rob and Kevin duke it out on the drag strip. Rob recent purchased a 20b RX-7 and has never driven it on the strip. Will he beat the 504 HP 2010 GTR? Filming style courtesy of ABC's The Bachelorette. lol

1st gen RX-7 chases @ Buttonwillow
Recorded on October 23, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder. Speed Ventures Red Group. 1982 Mazda RX-7 Car: 82 RX-7 under 2100lbs with driver, original paint, picture is on my youtube page, miata 5 speed gearbox (internal gears in RX-7 case), full cage Engine: (240hp - at flywheel, engine Dyno) 13B Streetport engine with S5 high compression rotors, GSL-SE rotor housings, 12a 4 port side housings, 50mm downdraft throttle body injection, 550cc injectors, Microtech ECU, 4 coils, power steering, aluminum flywheel. Suspension: Koni double adjustable shocks, 550lbs front 300lb rear springs, custom tubular front sway bar, 3 link rear suspension, panhard bar, full floater rear axle with bearing upgrade, 4.44 gears, kaaz diff

Supercharged FC RX-7 5PSI
My old 1987 Sport model RX-7 recently sold.. supercharged with a paxton sn92 and cooled with a coolingmist water injection you will notice in the video that I didn't redline it and therfore only reached about 3PSI however under driving and shifting around 7K I did hit 5PSI 17" Rims, VIS Drift CF Hood, PSI Racing carbon fiber headlight covers, CF door sills and power mirror covers, Grant Boomarange Steering Wheel, White face dash gauges and logicon gauges, KOYO adjustable rear shocks TII struts TEIN S Tech 1" lowering springs, Tinted windows...