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fiat 600 honda 1000rr motorcycle powered
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Yellow Thunder Kiki GSXR 1000
Bild by Femi "AutoColor M/// Power". 2010-2011 Prishtina- Kosova Video by Dunde P.R.Team

Fiat Abarth 1000 TCR Flaming From Exhaust In Toronto
Oscar's Abarth 1000 TCR showing fire coming out of Exhaust at his auto shop in Toronto.

Abarth 1000 GSXR mid bike engined car
This is a very special and fast Abarth 1000 TCR replica, complete rebuilded for high performance. Hightech Suzuki bike engine,- suspension,- torsen lsd diff, -rearmount radiator etc. 165hp @ 600 kilogram 4,5 sec. to 100km/h topspeed +- 200km/h More info @