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Kerry Getz vs. Josh Kalis - STREET RACE.

coming back from the TF - circa 2003. Kerry's BMW M3 vs. Josh's BMW M5 scope it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XE0rgvlE_iI&feature=related


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Josh Kalis' 1969 "DC" Camaro
Josh Kalis' 1969 "DC" Camaro

Josh Kalis and his boys at "All speed performance" built this '69 Camaro from the ground up.

Lamborgini Murcielago vs. T-Rex
Lamborghini Murcielago T-Rex Campagna freeway drag race

Illegal street race BMW M3 TURBO vs. LAMBORGHINI DIABLO
illegal street race

2003 M5 - Discovery Automotive
SS headers, Dinan Mufflers, X pipe, UUC SSK, High flow Velocity stacks.....

bmw m3 vs ford mustang v8
street race

Fast & Furious 4: BMW M5
MORE FAST & FURIOUS @ INSIDELINE.COM: http://www.edmunds.com/insideline/do/Features/articleId=144147 Every Fast & Furious film has to have at least one over-the-top street race with multiple cars careening along wildly, putting the lives of the drivers (and anyone else who happens to be on the street at the time) in mortal danger. And when it comes to mortal danger, what better car to face it in than a BMW M5? Fortunately for Fast & Furious, the 400-horsepower, V8-powered E39 generation (1998-2003) M5 is still a 5 Series sedan and acquiring and redecorating much cheaper 528i and 540i models was easy. So the production bought three old 540i sedans and four 528i models and redecorated them with orange and black paint and 19-inch wheels. Of these seven BMWs, six were destroyed. That includes three dropped off a bridge onto a road down below. The M5 was another car that just seemed to emerge naturally during the casting process — there wasn't anyone who didn't want the big, powerful BMW in the show. And some design inspiration obviously came from German tuning house Lumma Design's CLR 500 R-S version of the current E60 M5 that was shown during 2007. Of all the cars in the film, this one may be the least believable because of all its body roll during the action scenes. It looks like an M5 with the swaybars disconnected. Or a 528i with M5 front fenders.

illegal motorcycle street race 305 km/h
Honda CBR 1100XX Super BlackBird 305.0 km/h = 189.51 mi/h Thanks for subscribing!

Josh kalis 1969 Camaro Drag Racing Barona Drag Strip 3-3-2012
Saturday at barona drag strip test and tune 1969 Camaro drag racing. Josh Kalis is a professional skateboarder, good enough to make a living doing what he loves while managing to remain a "pure" street skater, the type you won't find on display in an arena. Put him in a city and he uses the urban landscape, whatever's available, as his space for ripping, skate-speak for "executing drastic and radical moves." Look him up on YouTube-we think you'll find this to be an apt description. Josh is also known as "goofy." It's not a character description; it refers to his riding stance, with his left foot back, near the tail of his board. But there's nothing whatsoever wrong with this kid's right foot. Second only to his passion for street skating is Kalis' zeal for extremely fast street cars, culminating in this radically shaped, brute twin-turbo LS-powered 1969 Chevy Camaro, built to be Kalis' "Ultimate Highway Driver." And whether you're speaking skater or gearhead, this 760 turbocharged rear-wheel-horsepowered baby is ready and able to put to the pavement, he said he's pulled it off Throwin' Heat Although he grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Kalis' automotive lust centered on European-style GT cars: autobahn warriors with forced-induction engines, prominent fender flares and air dams, and big rear wings, where 150 mph is a quaint cruising velocity and top speeds approach 200 mph. He's owned two such rides, a supercharged BMW M5 and a twin-turbocharged Porsche 996; neither, however, could settle the "fastest car" issue in his favor, at least amongst his local scene and in his hometown club, South Side Street Cars. But Josh met a willing and skilled collaborator when he took the M5 to a Dyno session at All Speed Performance in nearby Muskegon where he met Brian Moat. Game for the task, the ASP crew did something no one else had been able to do: get Josh to go domestic. "The guys at All Speed assured me that they could build a musclecar that would outperform my BMW and my Porsche, and I would look a lot cooler doing it," Josh recalls. Just like that, it was on. The cockpit is more updated American classic than Teutonic, consisting of Cobra black leather buckets fitted with Simpson four-point harnesses, a Marquez fiberglass dash and door panels covered in black leather and suede by ASP (yeah, they do upholstery, too), combined with stock '69 Camaro black carpet. It's also got a face full of AutoMeter carbon-fiber gauges, with Boost and air/fuel ratio gauges, a Sparco Lap 5 wheel, and a Twist Machine lever to row the gears. The stereo is extensive, consisting of an XO Vision 1946T head unit, along with Digital Design front and rear speakers, subwoofer, and amp. Installation was by Excessive Audio, and we're guessing they're appropriately named. The shifter, stereo, and FAST Touch Screen Dash Data Loggers are all contained in another custom ASP piece, the center console. And lest we forget, there's a four-point rollbar, treated in the oven by Monarch Powder Coating, which handled all such duties on this project.

All Speed built Josh Kalis twin turbo Pro Touring camaro
All Speed Performance built 69 Camaro. Twin turbo custom LS. Low Boost 8 lbs. 4th gear hit 91 octane. owner is Co Owner of All Speed and Pro Skateboarder Josh Kalis.

LS7 1967 Vengeance Streetfigher Camaro Preview
Check out Totem's vid here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbglAZ6NmkE&feature=related The parts list is at the end.

Cash Days III DVD - $7,000 Street Race!
http://www.1320video.com/dvd.php Big money street racing is what this DVD is all about! 8, 9, 10 second cars all battling it out, HEADS UP, for a $7,000 pot! Two nights of racing, huge burnouts, close races, and a battle for the cash! Also included in this DVD is the St. Louis Street Racing trip you may have seen on my site or youtube page, that race was for $12,000 with the same caliber cars! (more)

Street Racing Series: BMW M3 vs. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

Street Racing - BMW E36 M3 Turbo vs. NEW BMW M5 V-10
Watch this you be surpirsed....MODIFIED E36 M3 Built motor. Pushing double HP than the M5

kalis 69 all speed performance built twin turbo camaro
All Speed Performance built DC Shoes 69 twin turbo Camaro for Josh Kalis

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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