Kerry Getz vs. Josh Kalis - STREET RACE.

coming back from the TF - circa 2003. Kerry's BMW M3 vs. Josh's BMW M5 scope it:

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Josh Kalis' 1200hp '69 Camaro
We got to interview Josh Kalis about his infamous 1200 horsepower '69 Camaro! He tells the story about his beast and why he loves it more than any other car. Huge thanks to him for devoting his time for letting us film him and his Camaro! This video could not have been possible without the help of my good friends so subscribe and follow each of them Andrew Hnat: Instagram: @hnat_automotive_photography Youtube: Facebook: Dexter Offer: Instagram: @DexterOffer Tumblr: Daxo.Tumblr.Com Kevin Tran: Instagram: @xktx_automotive Youtube: Facebook:

Day in the life of Kerry Getz
411 skatboarding

Josh Kalis' 1969 "DC" Camaro
Josh Kalis' 1969 "DC" Camaro

Skateboarder Josh Kalis 1 of 7 - Epicly Later'd - VICE
VICE interviews pro skateboarder Josh Kalis about his early days street skating in his hometown. For more skateboarding action, check out VICE's Epicly Later'd: The Kalis series finally begins. Right off the bat, Josh clears up a few issues for everybody and we get right into things with how it all got started in Grand Rapids. Sean Sheffey appears and lets us know that Josh has always been a well respected skater, and Mike Blabac recalls when Josh helped him learn how to use his camera. Ted Lee provided the archival footage of a young Kalis, and if there had been more time we would have loved to show more of Ted's incredible old footage that includes a New Deal demo with Ed Templeton and Mike Vallely. Enjoy.