ETS/English Racing Evo 8 - 9.01 on a 6466 Precision Turbo

6466 Precision turbo English Racing Aluminum Rod 2.0L JUN Cams AMS Intake ETS Water/Air Intercooler English Racing Exhaust English Racing Tuned - Motec **** LIKE US ON FACEBOOK ****

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"The Gargoyle" - 821hp Evo 8 - English Racing
***KEEP UP WITH US*** - Like us on Facebook: If you have been following us on facebook or on, then you know Daniel has been waiting on a monster to be born. The main ingredient is a concept we visited in Nov of 2009, had an issue and left for the LR2.4s that we have been doing. The only complaint has been the increased bearing wear and reliability above 9,000rpm. Enter the SLR2.2 Short Long Rod means 153mm in this case, when coupled to a 94mm crank, gives us a R/s of 1.627 which is the same step above a LR2.4 as the LR2.4 is above the SR2.4. The 85.5 x 94 ends up being 2159cc where the 86.75 (4G64) is 2222cc. Mods- ER SLR 2.2 10:1 compression ER Jeff Bush Ported Evo VIII cylinder head w/ 1mm over valves Wiseco 1400HD 10:1 pistons R&R 153mm I beam connecting rods K1 94mm crankshaft Forced Performance HTA394 with twin scroll 1.15 V-Band FIC2150s GSC S3 camshaft set GSC +1mm Valves Kiggly Beehive valvesprings Magnus V5 intake manifold ETS Forward facing turbo kit with twin 38mm MVS wastegates ETS 4" race Intercooler w/ 2.5" piping Buschur Racing double pumper 3" Ebay Exhaust re-engineered with a Vibrant Muffler and 3" dump Boomba 75mm TB AEM Series 1 EMS tuned by Lucas English E90ish Music:

Mitsubishi Evolution 8 - 870whp/655tq -- English Racing
*** FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK & KEEP UP *** ***SUBSCRIBE*** SUBSCRIBE*** SUBSCRIBE*** SUBSCRIBE*** Mod List: 2.4L Manley Crank, CP pistons , Manley I-beam Rods PTE 6466 DBB with STM FF hot parts kit, FIC 2150's, BR Double Pumper, STM BFC catch can , STM oil cooler kit Kelford 272 Cams Bushmaster Ported Head GSC +1 Valves Kiggly Valve Springs & Retainers 3" upper piping to a Boomba TB to a AMS F1 TRE stage 3 ultimate ratio tranny with HKS 4:11 TRE stage 3 tcase with wavetrac LSD TRE 12 disk Maxx lock rear diff

Akash's 762whp 6466 2.0L Evo - English Racing
***LIKE US ON FACEBOOK*** Akash is no stranger to ER. His car has been through numerous evolutions and on the Dyno multiple times. Last year it was running his steel rod 2.0L with S2s and a 3586- This Year, it's a new playing field.. Mods- MP Built 2.0 MP ported head GSC S3 cams Kiggly valvesprings Magnus V5 intake manifold ETS PTE 6466 turbo kit with 0.82 Vband housing ETS FMIC and piping HKS Ti Exhaust FIC 1450s Full Blown Double pumper Omnipower 4 bar English tuned Stock ECU SD

Extreme Turbo Systems (ETS) GTR 1572whp 1179tq - English Racing
*** KEEP UP WITH US : FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK *** The Extreme turbo Systems Drag GTR got on our Dyno for a tune and Luke did the rest. Finished off with 1572whp/1179tq @ xx.xx PSi :) ModList: turbo Kit ETS PTE-6466 turbo Kit w/ .82 A/R Turbine Housing Exhaust System ETS 4.0" (102mm) Exhaust System ETS 4.0" Y-pipe Intercooler Kit ETS Race Intercooler Kit Full 3.0" Piping w/ TiAL Blow Off Valves TiAL Blow Off Valves Intakes ETS 4" Race Intakes Engine ETS 4.1L Stroker Kit (Custom Crank, Rods and Pistons) w/ proprietary ETS modifications ETS 5 axis CNC Heads w/ Serdi Full Radius Seat Work Ferrea Dual Valve Springs Ferrea Valves +1mm Ferrea Titanium Retainers Kelford C Camshafts Got Boost Oil Catch Can Setup Boost Logic Intake Manifold Greddy Throttle Body Drivetrain ETS Built Transmission w/ proprietary ETS modifications T1R Transmission Brace Albins 1-6 Gears GTC Clutches PPG Output Shaft Driveshaft Shop Front Axles Driveshaft Shop Rear Axles Driveshaft Shop Rear Axle Stub ETS LSD Shimming Fuel Injector Dynamics ID2000cc Injectors AAM Triple Pump Fuel System w/ Walbro 3x 485 Fuel Pumps Tuning Cobb Accessport w/ Trans Control Got Boost Speed Density Conversion English Racing Pro Tune