ETS/English Racing Evo 8 - 9.01 on a 6466 Precision Turbo

6466 Precision turbo English Racing Aluminum Rod 2.0L JUN Cams AMS Intake ETS Water/Air Intercooler English Racing Exhaust English Racing Tuned - Motec **** LIKE US ON FACEBOOK ****

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700whp 5LEEPER Evo Goes 10.3 143mph 6466
5LEEPER's 700whp Precision 6466 turbo Evo tests out his new Hoosier Tire setup.

1084whp Mitsubishi Evolution - English Racing - Tx2k14 -
*** FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK & KEEP UP!!!! *** Austin came to us for this build and was one of the happiest customers when he received his car for TX2K14. A great customer turned into a great friendship very fast and we look forward to working with Austin on future builds. Here's the mod list for this 1084whp Evo EnglishRacing SLR2.2 10.5:1 compression EnglishRacing Race Port head (Bushmaster) Wiseco 1400HD 10.5:1 compression Winberg lightweight 94mm crankshaft Magnus V5 Intake manifold GSC S3 camshaft set GSC Super Alloy 1mm over valves (both sides) Kiggly Valvesprings ETS 7175 twin scroll turbo kit (tested both the 1.12 and 1.28 housings) ETS 5" Intercooler, 3" piping both sides Fuel Injector Clinic 2150s (x4 only) Dual 044 fuel pumps with -8 feed -6 return AMS oil pan AEM Series 2 Sparktech Pro 14 Sequential ignition Full instrumentation on EGT, backpressure, etc. E98 PPG Dogbox AMR coilover suspension 275-40-17 Nitto 555Rs 17x9 Enkei RPF1s Song: "Thomas Bergersen / Nick Phoenix-Strength Of A Thousand Men-Extreme Music/2 Steps from Hell", sound recording administered by: 1:57 AdRev for a 3rd Party

10.0@132 Evo Stock turbo World Record DynoTech Tuning
Dynotech Tuning built Evo 9 came out to the '12 DSM/EVO Shootout looking for the stock turbo world record. They claimed the record and almost touched 9's! Some more seat time and high 9's should be a breeze. Impressive for the cars first track appearance.

Akash 8.0 - 816whp/553tq Evo 8 - English Racing
*** FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK AND KEEP UP *** After the last time he was here, Akash decided he wanted to do better. Not really knowing much about the motor in the car he had decided he had to see what it would do despite the risk. Some sticky R-Comp tires and all the pulls in 4th gear were the answer. Starting with 2* less timing than I would normally be on Q16, let alone Q16 and meth at the same time, we inched up on the Boost and finally fnished at 816/553. Pump/meth (60/40 meth and water) and Q16 - Pump meth was 12-13* out the top, 816* was 16* Mod list - ETS PTE 6466 turbo kit with 0.82 Vband housing ETS FMIC and piping GSC S3 cams Kiggly valvesprings Magnus V5 intake manifold FIC 1450s MP Built 2.0 MP ported head HKS Ti Exhaust Full Blown Double pumper Omnipower 4 bar English tuned Stock ECU SD Exedy Tripple Clutch Though I am not logging backpressure with this car, the 0.82 V band on the 6466 seems to be working just fine as there is barely any Boost taper evident. It was holding 42psi at 8250 and that small bit of taper could be because of the Hallman MBC on it and just running the side port of the WG instead of top and bottom.