Infiniti G35 SEDAN Video (racing, burnouts, etc.)

A video of my friends G35 sedan racing other cars, doing burnouts and such....

More Videos... Caravan Meet Carvan Meet - 10.14.06 Filmed and Edited by X-Vert(Igor)

2008 Texas Heat Wave Infinity G35 Sedan burnout, FIRE!
Julian doing a burn out in his Infinity at the 2008 Texas Heat Wave.

2010 SoCal Infiniti G35 Sedan Showcase GTG II
2010 Infiniti G35 Sedan Meet held at Long Beach's Shoreline Village on October 23, 2010. Big thanks to all the organizers and sponsors!

My infiniti g37x
My 2010 infiniti g37x sedan. It is the first g37 sedan in the world to have oracle color-shift halos.