Renegade Madness

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Monster Renegades Round 1
We had some crazy weather but that didn't stop us from getting out and exploring the awesome trails. Hope you guys enjoyed the video, stay tuned for part 2. Thank you for wacthing, if you liked the video click that like button and share with your friends. Check out Ffun Motorsports in Saskatoon Sask for all your Can am and Ski doo needs

6" Catvos Renegade New Trail!!
If you guys watched the video where I had a chance to go rescue the stranded 4 seater Rzr last year this is the same trail, she is Nasty! this is the first hole lol, have some more great stuff to get uploaded this week, stay tuned! Thank you for watching. Got home from a visit to Get Torqued in Edmonton and the bike is running great!

Unstoppable Off-Road Machine!!
On our recent trip to Russia we had a chance to go for a ride in the Sherp! What a fricken amazing machine!! We are trying our best to get one over here so we can try a couple trails that we have not been able to pass in over 5 years now lol. Hope you guys like the video! Click that like button and leave a comment if ya did. Give a sub to for great Sherp vids! Stay tuned for more!

NOS And Turbos! First 3 Holes!!
What a wicked ride we had this weekend, huge shout out to all that came out, some killer machines out there running big power and big power adders, tons running nos and 1 turboed Renegade, Have a ton more footage to get uploaded, thanks for watching and stay tuned for more! Throw a comment on which Renegades you think are running power adders(Nos/turbo) Ps. The new Renegade kicks butt! Can't wait to get the cams in and get a great tune on it, she's gonna be a handful