Projector lamps for cruze

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Install Projector Bi-Xenall Chevrolet Cruze
This is a one only in Thailand headlamp install of a Chevy Cruze. Transformer projectors and a unique set of LED side lamps. Check it out.

gigi168 CRUZE Fans club, CRUZE V5 style headlight. 2*halo ring+LED strip+halogen bulbs+HID bulb+double LENS

Is The 2015 Chevy SS The Ultimate Modern Sleeper?
Special Thanks to Lafontaine Chevy of Dexter Michigan! Follow Us on Instragram! @VehicleVirgins Like us on Facebook! 2015 Chevrolet SS The popular but sadly deceased Pontiac G8 has been reincarnated as the Chevy SS, a very American sedan with very Australian heritage. Featuring a big V8 situated up front and power to the rear wheels, this sedan occupies a very exclusive segment of the marketplace. The first thing you notice when you approach an SS is ... how ordinary it appears. With typical modern Chevy styling, it is very easy to mistake the SS for the Malibu. If you want a sleeper, its perfect, only when you look closely do you notice the small details that indicate this is a performance vehicle. Split Exhaust, standard Brembo brakes, excessive chrome trim, and obviously, the savage sounds of that 6.2L LS3. With 415 hp and 415 lb-ft of torque, the SS will manage runs to 60 in 4.5 seconds, easily keeping up with its 2 door Camaro brother. The nearly 4000 lb sedan is no lightweight, but will take corners. The now standard GM Magnetic Ride soaking up road imperfections while allowing you to take curves with aggression. Steering is an electrically assisted setup, it communicates well. Three different driving modes, tour, sport and performance, change suspension and transmission settings. This car only offers two options, a sunroof and full size spare tire and wheel. Opt these, pay the gas guzzler tax, and you have a 50k rear drive 400+ horsepower sedan. Big news for the 2015 model year is the availability of a manual transmission as a no cost option. Unfortunately this test vehicle has the 6 speed automatic. Opting for the manual actually saves you the $1300 for the gas guzzler tax, as if you needed another reason to choose that. The SS shares one really cool feature with your new smartphone. It has 4G LTE and can generate a wifi hotspot. Other high tech features include the big touch screen, heads up display and heated and ventilated seats. This is not only a pure driver's car, it is something practical that you can live with on a daily basis. You don’t even have to park it yourself, the car can do both parallel and perpendicular parking for you! The new SS has often been compared to the E39 M5, a car we are both very familiar with. We would be able to make much more meaningful comments if this SS was equipped with a manual, but outside of that important difference, they are remarkably similar cars in concept. The similarities between the SS and the M5’s dont end with the E39 generation. In today’s market, pretty much the only other v8 rear drive sedans that offer three pedals are the new 5 and 6 series's. Given the fact that the new M5 makes 560 hp and costs nearly 100k, the similarities end with that, it's still an interesting fact. The amount of equipment you get, the way this car drives and sounds, its shocking how few of these GM is able to sell. If you want Camaro or Corvette performance, but need the practicality of a sedan, you must drive the SS. Performance and usability weighed against the price makes this a quite good deal. The Dodge Chargers equipped with Hemi’s pose competition to the SS, but they are significantly heavier and lack the option of a manual transmission. The SS is a unicorn, it is unique and has no true equivalents, it is a testament to GM’s recovery that they are able to sell such a vehicle. Most sedans are boring, this one is the opposite. You get a corvette V8, magnetic dampers and tire smoking performance all for less than 50k. Yes, it could look a little more exciting, it could weigh a little less, but once you feel the refinement and the thrill this car provides you'll say “Thanks Obama for saving GM!” Special thanks to LaFontaine Chevy of Dexter for making this review possible. Songs: Kasger & Limitless - Miles Away [NCS Release] Warptech - Last Summer [NCS Release] Umpire - Gravity (feat. Liz Kretschmer) [NCS Release]

Барселона Реал Мадрид 1-3 HD обзор
Барселона проигрывает у себя на поле со счетом 3-1 голы: Криштану Роналду(13п/57) Рафаэль Варан(68) Хорди Альба 88