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EVO 8 First Startup on freshly built 2.0

My car is back to life after being under the knife for 2 months for a full engine build. 2.0 liter 4G63. Motor was self built by me and a friend. Wiseco 10.5:1, Manley turbo Tuff I-Beam rods w/ ARP 625+ hardware.


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1320Video made a visit down to SoCal to see what kind of badass street cars roamed the streets at night. A few badass Supras, swapped & turbo'd nissans, GT-R's, Corvettes, twin turbo 350Z, a bike all came out to play on short notice making for quite a night of street racing!

Dyno Tune Turbo Maxima at RT Tuning 7-2-12
2002 Maxima SE 6-Speed: Custom turbo Setup w/ PTE 6266 Dual BB turbo, turbosmart Hypergate 45 Wastegate, turbosmart Supersonic BOV, turboXS Manual Boost Controller, Spec Stage II Clutch, Fidanza Flywheel, Cattman Headers, Fast Cat and 3" Exhaust, NWP Spacers, Stillen UD Pulley, Haltech 350z Platinum Pro, Haltech Dual Channel WB Controller, SFR IM w/ 09 Maxima TB Final Numbers: 404whp & 393 TQ at 8psi

Evo at 2013 DSM/EVO Shootout
Evo at 21st annual DSM/EVO Shootout.

800HP Mitsubishi Evo High Speed Spin out
Here is my Evo at the drag strip. It lost a freeze plug at about 125MPH and instantly loss control when water hit the tires. The car ran a 10.7@70mph backwards. Captured by bb429power in his 67' F100.

Evo VIIII BW 366 Front Facing Turbo vs C5 Z06 H/I/C Vette
A quick rip. Evo - 523whp C5 Z06 - 435whp

Zetterberg on Backyard Pond - 24/7 Red Wings vs. Maple Leafs EP. 3
Henrick Zetterberg on his backyard pond. Clip from HBO's 24/7 Road to the Winter Classic: Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Detroit Red Wings - Episode 3.

2013 DSM Shootout - Warhead Competition
21'st annual 2013 DSM Shootout @ Motel 6 Warhead competition Justin B. vs Ashley F.

First pass HX52 civic
Milan Dragway

Holset HX40 Stock Block EVO @ 2012 DSM Shootout
Only clean pass we were able to make, in limp mode (lower Boost and very rich).

JP's Evo 8 RS 500whp Cali 91oct - BR 2.0LR ETS 6466 @ 28-29psi
Customers Evo on very low octane fuel going through the gears.

Debbie goes for a ride in 800hp Evo
Our favorite sushi lady Debbie from Yokohamas goes for a ride with Kyle in his 800hp Evo. The car is a full Fathouse Fabrications built 2.0 liter, Fathouse Fab Precision 6466 turbo Kit, FatFab FMIC, Shep Trans, Fuel Injector Clinic 2150's, Quarter Master Twin Disc. Full Interior including AC

Getaway in Stockholm
The bike: CBR 1000RR 2005 The Exhaust: Yoshimura RS-5 carbon full system

Evo 8 2.3L FP Black vs Evo 8 2.0L 6266 - both on 94octane
Two of my customers having some fun. Both from Canada, and both on 94octane pump gas. Car details below. Car #1: (Camera car) (was on 30psi) Built 2.0L 1000cc inj ETS twinscroll t4 6266 1.15 AR Skunk 2 intake mani + TB GSC S2 cams MBC Tephra v7 SD Graph @ 30psi: http://www.tscomptuned.net/_images/Dyno-evo8.9/tommy/30.jpg Graph @ 31-32psi http://www.tscomptuned.net/_images/Dyno-evo8.9/tommy/32psi.jpg ====================================== Car #2: Built 2.3L Ported head FP Black Kelford 272 Mac valve 3 port Skunk2 intake mani + TB tubular mani Tephra v7 SD /w ecuBoost Graph: http://www.tscomptuned.net/_images/Dyno-evo8.9/Jared/94oct-Jared.jp g

EVO 8 - 4" Aluminum Exhaust
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_Q_eXMiSek 4" Aluminum Exhaust from the downpipe back. Fabbed by Russ @ Dead hook Tuning. PTE 6266/E85 powered 2003 EVO VIII GSR.

Tom's Turbo Garage: Eagle Talon AWD Turbo Upgrade - Part One
In this episode, I tear apart my perfectly running 1991 Eagle Talon AWD turbo in hopes of getting what we all really want...more horsepower! To do this, we upgrade to a larger Precision turbo & Engine (or PTE) 6266 CEA turbocharger, along with high volume fuel parts, a new Exhaust setup and other mods needed to make room for this T3 based turbo. See more photos and details at http://talon.turbomirage.com Thanks for watching! -Tom Disclaimer The content provided in this video is for informational use only. Video content is provided at the viewers own risk and the viewer will not hold the parties involved in creating, producing or delivering this information liable for any loss, injury, claim, liability, or damage of any kind resulting in any way from any errors in or omissions from the information. Thanks for understanding.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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1997 BMW 328i : 14.682 @ 93.240
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