G-Body Buick Regal Fest Vol. 3

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Final Clip from MLK day 2013 in the Brownsville neighborhood. End off with a G-Body MOB runnin and shutting down the street.

G-Body Fest Vol 1 www.WhipsByWade.com
Just decided to put together a little clip to help y'all see some of the footage that I know a lot of ppl don't get to see ! So here's the first round of pics ! Box, Donk, && Muscle car fest will be next ! Let me know what y'all think ! Appreciate Everyone who took the pics that made the video ! Who Knows, your car might next one.

Buick Grand National on 24" Forgiatos Rasoio Wheels - 1080p HD
Another CLEAN G-Body! An 84-87 OG BLACK Buick Grand National, sitting on some chrome and black Forgiato Rasoio 24's... Too clean! And it was just simple.. But it flowed well! Never can go wrong with a Grand National... Rims had 275/25/24 tires as well, so it can sit just right. At Forgiato Fest 2012 in Miami, FL.