Time Lapse motor install on 1990 Toyota Celica Alltrac GT-Four

A time Lapse video of me installing my motor and trans getting ready for 2015. Changes this year are HTZ4094R turbo upgrade!

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"BADNEWS" Celica All-Trac ST185 dyno session
This custom built & tuned ST185 All-Trac has been in a constant state of build and modification for about the last 15 years. The owner has done everything himself and the work and parts are all top notch. Although he ran into some hick-ups this afternoon, he is planning for a quick resolution and finishing Dyno tuning though 40-45psi. From the way things were going, it looks like it won't have a problem cracking 900AWHP but we'll find out soon. Soon enough? Probably not as it's winter in Wisconsin and this car is done for the season. Catch up with Ryan and his incredible All-Trac in 2016. I'll be posting another video with more details on the car and with any luck, some on road and on track performance as well. Here is a link to Ryan's YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzc7f9hV_UV2jzL2O8ZcQdw As well as a link to his build: http://www.alltrac.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=44&t=51078

10 Of The Greatest Toyota Engines Ever
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1990 Toyota All-trac Celica 600hp
600hp 1990 toyota all-trac celica. tuned by Full Blown Motorsports

Toyota Celica GT4 ST185 project (3SGTE rebuild)
3SGTE rebuild from Mehmet Ali Ovacikli (roadboy) parts list: WİSECO pistons EAGLE rods HKS 1.6mm stopper headgasket FERREA 6000series valves JUN RACİNG valve guide SUPERTECH dual valve springs SUPERTECH titanium retainers SUPERTECH valve seals COMETİC complete top end gasket kit COMETİC complete bottom end gaskt kit ARP headstuds ARP mainstuds ACL RACE main bearings ACL RACE rod bearings ACL RACE thrust washers OEM new oil pump OEM new water pump OEM new timing belt & idlers OEM v-belt OEM new distributor cap OEM new rotor OEM new sparkplug wires NGK BKR7 iridium spark plugs TRD 1.3bar radiator cap WALBRO GSS341 255lph fuel pump FORGE dual piston ram dump valve EGR block-off EXEDY stage1 clutch kit FİDANZA lightweight flywheel CUSTOM downpipe QAS 3''cutout HKS EVC-IV HKS turbo timer type-1 TSUDO gun metal shift knob CUSTOM short shifter MOMO top power steering wheel K-SPORT snap-off NECVOX 9690 TV/DVD/NAVİ LOWTEC 35mm springs CUSTOM rear spacer 40mm ENKEİ RPF-1 7.5x17'' wheels DUNLOP SportMaxx 215/40-17'' tires RC front bumper faceliftet tail lights yellow fog lights Parts by: Real Street Performance JPS Trading Mizumo Auto Grip Force Quantum Auto Sport Garage: Yildırim Toyota Mechanic: Fevzi Yildirim