Cars exploding in Car Transporter Lorry fire - M2 Motorway, Kent, UK:Canon 5DII Video

Kent Fire and Rescue in action to put out fire on car transporter alight on M2 motorway, May 2009. Blaze on transporter lorry full of new Subaru Foresters, Car tyres/tanks start exploding a few seconds into the video. Shot on Canon 5DII camera. Photos on and

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Pożar lawety Piórków 12.12.2012 / brand new cars on fire Poland
Pożar lawety z nowymi VW Passatami kombi oraz akcja gaśnicza Straży Pożarnej. Spłonęło 4 z 8 samochodów. Więcej informacji: 1) The first fire truck on site 10:47 belongs to the Volunteer Fire Brigade called "Ochotnicza Straż Pożarna (OSP). This units are made​of volunteers (white helmets). OSP was established specifically to help State Fire Department fight fires and natural disasters in rural areas. 2) The second unit (red helmets) on site 15:10 came from the State Fire Department called "Państwowa Straż Pożarna" (PSP).