Stock 50 race at Fort Lytton MX 14/8/11

Rider is Jack Bellotti Guy I'm battling with is Jay Sampson 1:15 start 3:38 hit mystery neutral and then wait for Jay 4:00 battle royale begins 4:27 Jay gets loose 5:14 mega bog, change down 5 gears and still bogging 6:46 catch up to Jay 6:58 dirty leg block 7:12 dirty leg block 2 7:15 death block 7:18 off and running for more rapid acceleration 7:35 repass Jay 7:55 dirty bike block 8:09 bar bashing 8:16 bogan crowd cheering 8:37 spin and stall, Jay passes 9:00 Jay waits so he can attempt one more death block 9:27 Jay jumps into the middle of the double 9:40 Pass Jay 9:51 Mega rev 9:54 Jay passes 9:57 Block pass 10:06 Happiness scream and fist pump from Jay 10:09 Dirty brake check 10:24 Showing the junior quads how its done 10:32 Memory card full! Perfection.

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