Speedster Race

Speedster Race

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2013 Speedsters Reunion Hill Climb

"Poor Mans Rajo" engine
Use this URL for a clearer picture: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9lxPfjBSOs&fmt=18 This is a 27 Ford Model T "Fordor". The engine was built by us, Gen III Antique Auto. The car was cold when I took this video, not warmed up first. Holding the camera and trying to crank it was a challenge, sorry for the shakey video! The thing on the dash that I pushed was the choke lever. This engine uses a 1928 Chevy head, mated to the Ford engine, a new 280 lift cam, a Holley 94 carb, and an electric fan. If you would like an engine like this one, a stock T engine, or anything in between, please contact us. We work on Model T's, Model A's, or any pre-WWII motor.

Jay Leno Monterey Historics
Jay Leno interviewing Model T racer, Laguna Seca, Monterey Historics, 8-15-09

2009 Speedsters Reunion
Still picture slide show of the Third Annual International Speedsters Trials and Reunion