Speedster Race

Speedster Race

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Model T Burning Tires
Wimpy displays the power of the worlds first line of automobiles by burning off the tires at the April 2010 steam up at Jim Briden's shop in Fargo ND.

Speedway Motors presents 'Speedsters Reunion'
Still picture slide show of the Third Annual International Speedsters Trials and Reunion

Ford Model t speedster race car {ReBUILDING HISTORY the series}
From stock the modifications to this car start with the engine, where it has been fitted with a Ricardo aftermarket head, Bosch front plate distributor, counter balanced crank, aluminum pistons, and fitted with a period correct updraft carb, all together it pumps out around a whopping 30-40 hp. The modifications to the frame include -Lowering the car about 5 inches without dropping the front axle. -Setting the engine and driver, back around 6 inches. This is done to change the look of the car as well as help with weight distribution. -Also notice the period correct friction shocks on all four corners As for the gearing ,the rear axle has been swapped out for an original Hall-Scott two speed axle that has been stuffed with 3 to 1 gears . -Other than that I'm still running the original two speed transmission. Setup as a race car it is not uncommon for model T's to hit speeds upwards of 65. MUSIC: Johnny Dilks and his Country Soul Brothers "Growin' Old" Fulltime loser LP Used with permission from the artist and label.

Check out this ancient and rare Model T Ford Roaster. This T was built the same year that the Titanic sunk. This brass era Ford is all red, appropriate for a speedster/roadster. Plenty of brass adorns this super rare car from the radiator, brass kerosene headlights and running lights, to the bulbous horn cable, wheel hubs, rear tail lights - there are brass appointments everywhere. I am always a little concerned about the younger generations taking an interest in the old car hobby and then I saw the 24 year old young man owning this Model T. I felt very encouraged that a person that young would be interested in a 100 year old car. AND, he knows how to operate it! This Roadster was a thrill for me to see it much less record it. A truly rare piece of automotive history for you to enjoy. Thanks very much for viewng this 1912 Model T Roadster.