Speedster Race

Speedster Race

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2017 SCVMTFC Endurance Run
The 48th annual Endurance Run and Lowland Tour hosted by the Santa Clara Valley Model T Ford Club (SCVMTFC). The event was held on June 11, 2017 in Hollister California. Special thank you to Tiffany Ford in Hollister for hosting the event. www.scvmtfc.org

2013 Speedsters Reunion Hill Climb

"Poor Mans Rajo" engine
Use this URL for a clearer picture: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9lxPfjBSOs&fmt=18 This is a 27 Ford Model T "Fordor". The engine was built by us, Gen III Antique Auto. The car was cold when I took this video, not warmed up first. Holding the camera and trying to crank it was a challenge, sorry for the shakey video! The thing on the dash that I pushed was the choke lever. This engine uses a 1928 Chevy head, mated to the Ford engine, a new 280 lift cam, a Holley 94 carb, and an electric fan. If you would like an engine like this one, a stock T engine, or anything in between, please contact us. We work on Model T's, Model A's, or any pre-WWII motor.

Model T Burning Tires
Wimpy displays the power of the worlds first line of automobiles by burning off the tires at the April 2010 steam up at Jim Briden's shop in Fargo ND.