My 80cc 2-stroke Custom Motorized Bicycle walk-around

This is my 80cc 2-stroke custom motorized bicycle that I painted myself (see video: My New Motorbike- painted and first start) has 6 horsepower, gets 200 miles per gallon, and goes 40 miles per hour. i got the engine at i run a 44 tooth sprocket which is just fine, and mix 93 octane with full synthetic oil at a 32:1 ratio. any questions please message me! 80cc 2-stroke motorized bicycle engine kit custom motorbike sickbikeparts spooky tooth cycles zoombicycles no Exhaust beach cruiser

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80cc Motorized Bike
This is my 80cc motorized bike I built. Took about 2-3 hours. It gets around 150mpg and is a blast! Build your own and be a little greener! Goes about 30-40mph.

Motorized Bikes VS Mopeds
I wanted to do something different for a change and answer a question that I receive occasionally.

How To Install 80cc 2-Stroke Bicycle Engine Kit FULL DVD 66cc 48cc 50cc
Click Here to watch the NEW 2016 Installation Guide ► Download the 2-Stroke Engine Kit Installation Manual ► - technicians, Jonny and Matt, go over tips and tricks on how to install an 80cc, 66cc, 49cc or 50cc 2-stroke engine kit on a standard beach cruiser. This complete installation manual gives great advice on installing the complete motorized gas bike kit as long as the bike is a 26" Men's beach cruiser. By providing this extensive tutorial guide, we are here to help turn your bicycle into a motorized bicycle. Table of Contents: 0:15 - Picking the right bike 0:58 - Parts List 2:02 - Sprocket Assembly 5:28 - Mounting the Engine 9:23 - Installing the Clutch 11:01 - Installing the Chain + Pulley 13:51 - Installing the Throttle Assembly 14:48 - Installing the Carburetor 16:25 - Installing the Electrical Components 17:36 - Installing the Muffler 17:43 - Installing the Gas Tank 19:01 - Installing the Chain Guard 20:10 - Maintenance and Fuel Mix Got any other advice? Any questions about the installation? Leave a comment! Follow us: Facebook: - We share great tips, tricks, and advice as well as show off many of our fan's custom built gas bikes. Wanna share your build? Come join the community! If you you're still reading this, that means you must really like us! Subscribe for more videos. Thanks! Credits: "George Street Shuffle" Kevin MacLeod "faster Does It" Kevin MacLeod "Mining by Moonlight" Kevin MacLeod "Hightlight Reel" Kevin MacLeod "Breakdown" Kevin MacLeod Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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