My 80cc 2-stroke Custom Motorized Bicycle walk-around

This is my 80cc 2-stroke custom motorized bicycle that I painted myself (see video: My New Motorbike- painted and first start) has 6 horsepower, gets 200 miles per gallon, and goes 40 miles per hour. i got the engine at i run a 44 tooth sprocket which is just fine, and mix 93 octane with full synthetic oil at a 32:1 ratio. any questions please message me! 80cc 2-stroke motorized bicycle engine kit custom motorbike sickbikeparts spooky tooth cycles zoombicycles no Exhaust beach cruiser

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Product Review: Speed Demon Performance Muffler for 2-Stroke Bike Engine Kit by BikeBerrycom — In this video,'s Technician, Jonny, shows off the Speed Demon 2-Stroke Performance Exhaust Muffler Pipe! The Short Shot fits any 2-stroke 66cc, 80cc, or 48cc motorized bicycle or bike engine kit, like the 2 stroke Grubee SkyHawks, StarFires, Flying Horses, RAW, and much more! Adding the Speed Demon Exhaust pipe, when done right, will improve your motor performance in the low to mid throttle, and response. This is's quietest performance muffler. Provides noticeable power while keeping decibels low. An awesome addition to any motorized bicycle kit. - Like us on Facebook to receive promotional coupon codes and be entered in our giveaways!

Magnet alignment for the 80cc / 66cc 2-stroke Chinese bicycle engine
Correct magnet to crankshaft alignment for the 80cc / 66cc 2-stroke Chinese bicycle engine.

2stroke engine
How 2 stroke engine works?

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