My 80cc 2-stroke Custom Motorized Bicycle walk-around

This is my 80cc 2-stroke custom motorized bicycle that I painted myself (see video: My New Motorbike- painted and first start) has 6 horsepower, gets 200 miles per gallon, and goes 40 miles per hour. i got the engine at i run a 44 tooth sprocket which is just fine, and mix 93 octane with full synthetic oil at a 32:1 ratio. any questions please message me! 80cc 2-stroke motorized bicycle engine kit custom motorbike sickbikeparts spooky tooth cycles zoombicycles no Exhaust beach cruiser

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Fred's 2 stroke motorized bicycle engine tear down
For all you you tube junkies who like motorized bicycles, here is my quick tear down of the PK-80 motorized bicycle engine.

My Motorized Bicycle Build (The New Generation!)
About three months ago, my original engine had a meltdown... the pistons wrist bearing blew up and scattered metal debris in the crankcase, and one piece got wedged in between the piston and the cylinder and put a huge gash in the wall... Also, the chain tensioner was crap, I had the chain replaced three times, and the fuel leaked out of numerous places. Everything up to that point was very smooth sailing: the bike ran flawelessly! Well, the warranty on it was still good, so I got a replacement kit, and it is better than ever! I am getting all bike accessories for christmas, and I couldn't be any happier!!! 80cc jet silver motorized bicycle zoombicycles motoredbikes bikeberry sickbickparts spookytooth pistonbikes jackdaniels09jj slipher110

Bikeberry 80cc Bike Engine Kit Test
Today we try out our recently installed Bike Engine kit. The 80cc kit shows a displacement of 66cc on the engine casing. we have installed it on a huffy mountain bike with minor mechanical difficulty. we build an add on spring loaded idler using parts from the idler included in the kit. This project requires reasonably good tools and mechanical skills. The engine is over powered for a bicycle. The compression mount sprocket on the rear wheel is damaging to the spoke system as well. Also, there is risk of leg burns from the muffler and engine heat. The home made spring idler has eliminated chair derailment. Impression: This is an interesting kit to explore small engines, and motorized bicycle possiblilities, but is a somewhat dangerous and probably unreliable long term form of transportation.

How To Build Motorized Bicycle Part 1 - unboxing 2 stroke motor kit
How To Build Motorized Bicycle Part 1 - unboxing 2 stroke motor kit.